Hip Replacement Recall Help - Free Report Helps Affected Implant Patients Avoid Costly Mistakes

A free report helps patients who have been affected or injured by one of the recalled DePuy ASR hip or the Zimmer Durom Cup implants avoid costly mistakes as they try to get compensation.

Online PR News – 24-February-2011 – – A free report helps patients who have been affected or injured by one of the recalled DePuy ASR hip or the Zimmer Durom Cup implants avoid costly errors as they try to get compensation.

Hip replacement surgery is a major procedure with a lengthy recovery period. When the implant gets recalled, it often means at the very least another round of surgery, often with a recovery time that is even longer. And that's when there has been minimal damage to the surrounding bone and ligament structures.

During the last few years, around 93,000 patients have received hip implants that are affected by the recent DePuy Hip Implant Recall. Additional patients have implants involved in the zimmer hip replacement recall. Not only do they face (or have already had) painful surgery to replace the recalled hip implants, but they may also have suffered permanent damage to the bones and ligaments surrounding their hip implants.

These patients deserve to receive compensation, but many have questions about what are the right action to take. The Free Hip Recall Report is designed to answer some of these questions and help patients affected by the hip replacement recall avoid some of the biggest mistakes that could derail their recall compensation case.

According to Richard Cranwell and Robert M. Clarke, members of the Hip Recall Help Team, it is vitally important for patients to be well informed, and to get help from a competent lawyer.

"Not all lawyers are trustworthy," Clarke said. "You have to do your research so you won't end up with a lawyer who gives you bad advice - or pockets the bulk of the compensation that should be going to you."

"In addition, it is crucial to keep proper records about your case," Clarke adds. "Make sure you have copies of all your medical records and keep them in a safe place."

How would someone know if they have a hip implant that has been recalled? Many patients have been informed by their health care providers. But some have not.

Typical symptoms include pain, swelling, difficulty walking, and more, especially if they occur long after the surgery, or if they have gotten worse after some initial improvement.

Clarke urges anyone who has had a hip replacement procedure and is still in pain, months or even years after the surgery, to find out if they have one of the recalled DePuy implants (or a Zimmer Durom Cup hip implant).

They also need to find out what they have to do to get compensated. "It's crucial to avoid the seven biggest mistakes that have derailed many medical malpractice cases," he adds, "and in our free special report, we'll tell you what they are and how to avoid them."

The Hip Replacement Recall report on how to avoid those seven mistakes is available free of charge at the following website: http://www.hipreplacementrecall2010.com Anyone who requests the report will also have an opportunity to request a free evaluation of their case, and, if they qualify, they will be eligible for free legal advice by a competent team of lawyers.

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