TEALEAVES x Rudd Oakville Estate Hosts Barrel-Aged Tea Tasting, Tea Infused with the Memory of Wine

Blending techniques, the TEALEAVES x RUDD Blend Cabernet French Oak Tea draws parallels between tea and wine, resulting in an “ultimate palate” for connoisseurs

Online PR News – 13-April-2018 – Vancouver – Canadian luxury tea blender TEALEAVES has partnered with prestigious Napa Valley winery Rudd Oakville Estate to host an exclusive tasting of the TEALEAVES x RUDD Blend Cabernet French Oak Tea on June 14, 2018 at the Battery, San Francisco.

The TEALEAVES x RUDD Blend celebrates tea connoisseurship and the pinnacle of blending innovation with respect to tradition: precious white tea leaves scented with jasmine blossoms in the Imperial method, aged in a French Oak Barrel – the same that once housed the 2010 Rudd Oakville Estate vintage. Using the best ingredients and techniques from the Old World, New World, and Ancient World, the result is a jasmine white tea with the imparted aroma and taste of wine: a blend of exquisite complexity and character, that draws parallels between tea and wine.

“With this project, we wanted to celebrate tea’s connoisseur status by paralleling it to that of wine,” says TEALEAVES CEO Lana Sutherland. “Many people don’t know this, but the technique of tasting wine and tea yield many similarities, so this collaboration was a perfect fit.”

“Marrying traditions of First Growth winemaking techniques with fine tea blending has never been done before,” says Rudd Oakville Estate Winegrower Frederick Ammons. “The result of aging the tea in a French Oak barrel is beautiful. The blend respects the aromatic depth and texture of a great jasmine infused tea with toast aromatics from the barrel, fruit notes from the wine and a hint of tannin help structure the tasting experience.”

Guests will have the opportunity to taste the innovative blend while TEALEAVES’ CEO, Lana Sutherland, reveals the design inspiration and methodology behind harmonizing tradition with innovation, accompanied by a discussion on craftsmanship by Rudd Oakville Estate within the world of wine and a tasting of their Cabernet Sauvignon.

Experience the nuances of wine and the scented tea, alongside a tea cocktail featuring the #BarrelAgedTEALEAVES Rudd blend.

Event Details
Date: June 14th
Time: 6pm to 7:30pm
Location: The Battery (The Library)

About the TEALEAVES x Rudd #BarrelAgedTEALEAVES Project:
TEALEAVES celebrates the connoisseur status of tea, drawing parallels to that of wine. The “TEALEAVES x Rudd Blend Cabernet French Oak Tea” is a tea aged in a French oak barrel that previously aged Cabernet Sauvignon from the 2010 Rudd Oakville Estate vintage. The result is a jasmine white tea with the imparted aroma and taste of the wine: an “ultimate palate” for wine and tea connoisseurs.

Experience a tasting of wine barrel aged tea at BarrelAgedTealeaves.com.

Established in 1994, TEALEAVES is one of the very few tea blenders in the world, known for crafting the highest quality teas in small batches by hand. TEALEAVES strives for perfection, driven by the never-ending quest to make the perfect cup of tea. With the philosophy of inspiring creativity and connections through the art of blending, TEALEAVES has gripped the hearts and minds five-star hotels and Michelin Star chefs, worldwide, as their tea brand of choice for over two decades. Sourcing ingredients from over 90 countries and keeping only 1% of the tea leaves presented to them from the world's highest grade gardens, TEALEAVES hopes to stay people’s “cup of tea” for generations to come, whether in a five-star environment or in the luxury of one’s home. More information is available at TEALEAVES.com.

About Rudd Oakville Estate
Situated in the Napa Valley, Rudd Oakville Estate is driven by a singular mission—to produce the finest wine possible that fully expresses the estate’s singular terroir. A true multi-generational, family-owned estate, RUDD sits on some of Napa Valley’s most celebrated land. From the dedicated team that farms the vineyards to the patient aging and thoughtful blending that occurs in the estate’s caves, RUDD brings meticulous craftsmanship to every step of the winemaking process. Through over two decades of close study, the team at RUDD has become intimately familiar with the iconic red volcanic soils that produce its celebrated, distinctive wines.