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Online PR News – 24-February-2011 – – Mumbai, Maharashtra - In the World Wide Web, a website cannot be monetized or popularized without the help of online marketing. It has become a must-have solution as it allows the website owners to improve the position of their website on the major search engine and even increase the number of incoming links. These results can be easily achieved through SEO, also known as search engine optimization. There are many services offered under this marketing strategy. One of the popular one is directory submission. This service is quite reasonable as compared to the other SEO solutions offered. The advantage is that it offers link building ways for different websites.

The true definition of directory submission is that it is a process of submitting a website to various web directories. A link will be produced to the SEO directory which will be seen on the search engines during a relevant search. If this service is conducted continuously, then it will lead to elevated web traffic as well as upper search engine page position in a short span of time. Because of the results delivered, the directory submission service is now considered to be an obligatory thing. It leaves behind the burden of submitting the website to the search engines.

Many people wonder how the search engines locate directory submissions. Well, once the satisfactory links are produced, the spiders of the search engines crawl to the links and locate the directory pages, and even index them. On indexing the directory page, the net surfers are able to find the links on the search engine result page. They are then directed to the website, boosting its web traffic. The process of the search engine to reach the site is automatic.

Anyway, the directory submissions deliver better results when done manually. However, the manual directory submission service is a time consuming task. Thus, there are many SEO professionals available to help the website owners in submitting their websites to the reliable and relevant directories. The manual directory submissions will not only create backlinks but also encourage the search engine bots to visit the site and increase the SERP position. Besides, the quality directory submission service will also help in elevating link popularity through the use of keywords which works as an anchor text.

The SEO directory submission services also improve the brand awareness of the website. For more information about the importance of the best directory submission technique, one can visit This SEO firm offers valuable services for online success.
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