DryShield has included Cost Calculator for Waterproofing

DryShield has included cost calculator in their site. The cost calculator provides estimates for interior and exterior waterproofing.

Online PR News – 13-April-2018 – Toronto, Ontario – Water leakage in basement is a common occurrence nowadays. Leaking water in the basement could cause the growth of mould and mildew. It generally causes flooding in basements. Furthermore, constant exposure to water could damage the strength of foundation and goods stored in the room and undermine the structure.

Some of the primary reasons why moisture seeps into the cellar are cracks on the walls, leaking pipes, hydrostatic pressure, sewer water backup in cellar, and clogged drain tile.

Basement waterproofing is an effective technique of ceasing or channelling water from the exterior, in that way, averting the leaks in cellar floor and walls. The technique averts moisture from seeping into the cellar and causing damage to the foundation, wood and walls of the building. The technique can be categorized into two main types. The types are internal and external waterproofing.

Internal waterproofing is also known as water control or management solution as it handles the movement of moisture once it has got into the walls. In this method, waterproof barriers and weeping tiles are installed in order to route water from the cellar to a sump pump. The internal weeping tiles direct water to a surrounding sump pump.

External waterproofing is known as positive side waterproofing as it deals with the hydrostatic pressure and ceases the moisture from getting into the cellar. Also, it includes preservation of walls and floor of the cellar.

In this method, the ground around the house is excavated. Then, weeping tiles that are placed at the bottom of the footing are replaced and installed. Subsequently, moisture-proof rubberized urethane is applied to the exterior walls of the cellar. The waterproof layer is safeguarded with a synthetic membrane and dimple board that reroutes water into weeping tiles. Membranes are generally utilized to waterproof the cellar walls.

After that, the weeping tiles and nearby gravel are covered with geo-textile filter cloth in order to avert the system from clogging. Lastly, the excavated ground is replaced and the area is graded to lead water away from the foundation.

One of the most convenient ways to stop and avert water leakage in basement is to consult with a professional waterproofing contractor, such as DryShield. The contractor inspects and examines the basement and other parts of the building that need repair. The contractor identifies the type and cause of issue and then recommends some efficient and cost-effective techniques to deal with the situation. Also, the contractor recommends the suitable basement repair and sealing technique that is appropriate for the building.

Recently, the contractor has received a Best of HomeStars 2018 award. Also, DryShield has added cost calculator (for interior and exterior solution) in their site. The cost calculator provides estimates for interior and exterior solution. Estimates for both solutions can be received by simply filling in the details.

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DryShield is a Toronto based waterproofing organization. The operational areas of the organization are Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Services offered by the organization include mould removal, sewage cleanup, wet & leaky basement repair, foundation crack repair, well installation, sump pump installation, etc.

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