TBS Shows Concern about New Zealand 6.3-Magnitude Earthquake

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in Christchurch has million of people all over the world get concerned about victims in New Zealand. TBS Leather Handbags Factory shows great concern and is working on an assistance plan for victims.

Online PR News – 24-February-2011 – – Worldwide attention is drown to New Zealand on February 22, 2011. A 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in Christchurch, causing 75 deaths and hundreds of people missing. UN, USA, China and more countries and organizations are sending aids team to help. And various other organizations, including TBS Leather Handbags Factory, are preparing for helping victims for post-disaster reconstruction.

"Sasha, one of our employees, is from New Zealand. Thank God her family and friends are all right. But she is worried about her fellow countryman, the victims suffered from the disaster. And we feel the same. That is why we are working on a plan to hel, maybe donate money or help several families for reconstrution." Said General Manager of www.ThatBagShop.com.

After talking with staff in marketing and sales department of TBS Leather Handbags Factory, we get to know that New Zealand is not the company's main market. The sales volumne of leather handbags to NZ accounts for no more than 2%, which is a way to prove it is not a business action that aiding from the handbag wholesaler. We think that the 7.8-magnitude Sichuan earthquake experience made these Chinese people help those who are suffering from the same disaster, from their heart, truly and deeply.

Let's hope this aiding action would be intime helpful for victims in Christchurch. And we are hoping more and more get help and rebuild great life again.