Plastic Surgeons in San Francisco Announce Exciting New Technology for Breast Enhancement

Plastic Surgery Specialists of Marin County, CA are happy to announce that they provide the new Vectra 3-D Imaging process for breast augmentation patient. The process allows patient to see what they would look like with breast implants before the procedure.

Online PR News – 24-February-2011 – – Plastic Surgery Specialists in Marin County, California is proud to announce that they are now one of the few practices in California to provide Vectra 3-dimensional imaging prior to surgery. This exciting new technology can be used for breast, body contour, or facial and nasal surgery and provides a realistic rendering of what a potential surgical change will look like on that individual’s face or body.
The new Vectra Breast Imaging System will allow you to see what your breasts could look like with breast implants. This amazing new technology simulates the results of breast augmentation on your body. You can now virtually try different sized implants with just the click of a button.

San Francisco breast augmentation patients can actually see what different sizes and styles of implants would look like on their figure. It is the only way to “see the after before”. Forget stuffing implants into bras, filling bags of rice, or searching in magazines. Vectra 3-D will let you see actual images of your own breasts in an enhanced way.
“We have found that preoperative 3-dimensional imaging not only aids the patient in making a very subjective decision, but in many cases helps the surgeon adapt the surgical plan to subtle variations in anatomy," said Dr. Stanley Poulos of Plastic Surgery Specialists. "In many cases, the post op picture and pre op imaging are difficult to distinguish.”
The Vectra 3-D process begins with taking 3-dimensional images of your breasts and analyzing your anatomy from multiple angles. After that, a sophisticated program calculates your breast dimensions, analyzes differences between the breasts and determines what type of implant is compatible with your size and frame. Then a variety of types and sizes of breast implants can be visualized to help determine which is right for you. The imager also predicts the effects of combining tummy tuck with breast augmentation (also know as Mommy Makeover).
Plastic Surgery Specialists have over 30 years of experience in plastic surgery and are experts in the field of breast and mommy makeover surgery. This new technology will help them stay one of the most advanced plastic surgery centers in the San Francisco area. For information about what PS Specialists Dr. Stanley Poulos and Dr. Yngvar Hvistendahl can do for you in the area of breast enhancement in Marin County, please contact them for a consultation.