LAUNCH OF PUNCH TELEVISION NETWORK, For Those Who've Been Thirsting for More!

The Punch Television Network is now available on DirecTV. Please contact your provider, and request Punch Television.

For those who’ve been thirsting for more!
Carson, CA-- (Mar 23, 2011)- Joseph Collins, founder and C.E.O of Punch Television Network, is ready to quench our thirst, from his television network studio. The network installation is finally complete, and will now allow him to broadcast live and reach an estimated 480 million viewers.

Punch Television Network launches on Direct TV this Summer, bringing a new perspective to network television. Dedicated to providing quality entertainment that the entire family can watch, Punch Television Network is set to be “the new media phenomenon”, according to Executive Producer Rachel Ramos. Punch Television will not only be a premiere place to find television programming, it is also “wired” into the online community and prides itself on being accessible to the viewer. Viewers can submit their own projects, such as short films and documentaries, and will have the opportunity to have their work exposed to a national audience.

Punch Television Network is founded by entrepreneur Joseph Collins. Knowing how influential the shows of his youth were to his development (Three Stooges, Speed Racer, The Adams Family), Mr. Collins, is dedicated to creating television of worth to the viewer that can be enjoyed by the whole family together. As C.E.O. of Punch Television Network, Mr. Collins strives to set a new bar for broadcast television.

For more information on Punch Television Network visit:
Contact: Rachel Ramos @ or call 310-328-9400