Shmoop Finds its Nook. Largest Multi-Platform eTextbook Publisher Offers 1,100 Titles Across Web, Kindle, iPhone, Nook.

Shmoop (, the largest multi-platform digital textbook publisher (and your new academic BFF)

Online PR News – 09-November-2009 – – MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, NOVEMBER 4, 2009 --- Shmoop (, the largest multi-platform digital textbook publisher (and your new academic BFF), today announced the availability of hundreds of new educational eBooks and Apps for the Web, Amazon Kindle, iPhone and iPod touch, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Shmoop is now a top educational publisher on multiple eReader devices:

• On the Amazon Kindle: Shmoop is the #1 high school educational publisher, with more than 300 eBooks for sale

• On the brand-new Nook: Shmoop unveiled 200 new eBooks to welcome Barnes & Noble customers to the eReader party

• On the iPhone and iPod touch: Shmoop lovingly offers more than 200 learning Apps, accounting for more than 3% of all Apps in the education category

“Shmoop aims to make our smart, fun learning guides available anywhere, on any device,” said Ellen Siminoff, CEO of Shmoop. “We welcome Barnes & Noble’s commitment to the eReader space and admire Amazon’s early success. This holiday season will mark an important milestone in the publishing industry as quality, affordable eReaders gain mass awareness in the market.”

A Taste of Shmoop

Shmoop marries brains with a sense of humor. Shmoop compares 19th-century literature to TV’s “Gossip Girl,” calls Emily Dickinson a “packrat,” and helps today’s students get a grip on the complex Prince Hamlet: “though we may often think of him as a jerk, a sexist, and a madman, Hamlet is a deeply sympathetic figure (even if he does seem to be the quintessential moping teenager)."

About Shmoop

Shmoop digital textbooks make literature, US history, poetry, civics, biographies, and music more fun and relevant by showing you how much these subjects have to do with your world. Shmoop writers are primarily from Ph.D programs at top American universities, including Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Harvard. Shmoop was giddy to be an Official Honoree in the 2009 Webby Awards and to be named “Best of the Internet” by PC Magazine. Shmoop is headquartered in a Labradoodle-patrolled office in Mountain View, California.