Indian Cryptocurrency “Swachhcoin” Launched to boost Swachh Bharat Campaign

Swachhcoin Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation backed by Industry Leaders at CommunityrnTech Labs. Swachhcoin announced their project Contributors List.

Online PR News – 11-April-2018 – united state – Swachhcoin” is a decentralised waste management project which aims to create arnglobal ecosystem to solve the problem of waste management by leveraging AI, Big Data,rnIoT and Blockchain altogether in sync with each other to develop a platform wherernindividual users are rewarded for responsible waste disposal and existing wasternmanagement industries are equipped with state of the art technology enablingrngroundbreaking efficiency and operational capabilities.rnIndia, Date: __________: ​ For as long as one can recall, planet has been poised with thernproblem of too much wastes and lack of valuable resources. Various kinds of wastes are beingrnproduced and disposed off in an uncontrolled and unsustainable manner causing an irreparablerndamage to our environment. On the other hand, there is a huge global crisis of various valuablernresources from electricity, biogas, rare earth metals to timber, paper etc. The important thingrnhere is that, most of these valuable resources can be extracted from same wastes which arerncarelessly disposed off. Also, the waste processing industries are equipped with archaicrntechnology which greatly limits their ability to process the wastes efficiently into valuablernoutputs.rn“Swachhcoin” clearly has a disruptive vision of completely overhauling the waste managementrnsector globally to overcome these issues through its sustainable, rewarding, profitable andrntechnologically advanced ecosystem. They believe that waste is the greatest untapped resourcernpresent in abundance all around us and a lot can be done by the present and future generationsrnto overturn the prevailing mindset of masses towards waste. “Swachhcoin” has brought togetherrna number of advanced technologies that will work in sync with each other and will be offered tornany existing waste management industry adopting the “Swachhcoin” platform. Some of the toolsrnoffered by “Swachhcoin” are: SWATA, SWATEL, SWIOT which stands for Swachh Big Data,rnSwachh Adaptive Intelligence, Swachh Internet of Things. There is also SWBIN and SWAPP,rnwhich stands for Swachh Bins and Swachh DApp. Individual users will be rewarded tokens forrndisposing off wastes in SWBIN thus encouraging proper waste disposal. The wastes collectedrnfrom the SWBIN will be transferred to state-of-the-art processing facilities to extract usefulrnproducts out of wastes which will be ultimately sold to bulk buyers in exchange for tokens.rnSwachhcoin Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation backed by Industry Leaders at CommunityrnTech Labs. Swachhcoin announced their project Contributors List and has informed that theyrnwill also be announcing the strategic partners very soon. They are also in talks with variousrnorganisation and government entities to undertake and implement their ambition of wasternmanagement. Furthermore, they are also in the process of establishing 12 Swachh Centres inrn12 cities across India to promote the flagship campaign of the Indian Government namedrnSwachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission).“Our aim is to utilise waste to its maximum potential and produce resources beneficial forrnmankind. Not only this, responsible the waste disposer should also be rewarded for the rolernhe/she plays in manufacturing the product of economic value.” Aditya Kumar, Founder andrnCEO.rnSwachhcoin Announced its private sale for Institutional Investors and VC’s on 31st March 2018rnand will last till 15th April, 2018. Any one participating in the Private sale will need to completernthe KYC process. The minimum contribution amount in the same is 20 ETH. There will be arnhuge pool of discount with lockup period. There will also be registrations opening for PublicrnPresale which will have a reduced minimum contribution along with heavy discount for a limitedrnamount of Allocated Tokens.rnWebsite: ​