Launching of a web development tool Restler in Singapore

Mounting of web developing tools have been a great defy for the professionals all through the year 2010. Are you looking frontward for a light weight server? The product for the campaign is Restler, a Restful API server framework is coming into picture from 1st of March, 2011in Singapore for further enhancement of the web development works.

Online PR News – 23-February-2011 – – On the increase, this Restler is a powerful multi-protocol REST API Server which can be served in any of the protocols depending upon the facilitated protocols in need of the client’s necessity. With this Restler, you can easily able to write a server via three PHP files barely. It is of trouble-free nature. All you need to do is that; just generate a PHP class along with few of the functionalities that should be exposed. Then for charting it into a URL, add a javadoc style comment.

Plug-in architecture is for the prop up of the formats such as json, xml, vaml, amf and plist which are unlike. Adding your possession of auth plugin free and open sourced can also be done. For the shielding of an API, you can append your possession of formats in an effortless manner by just declaring the function as protected. And for sustaining different authentication schemes, authentication class is added via plugin architecture.

Web development is an endeavor in association among the areas rather than the domain of a nominated section.
For mobile, web and desktop clients, this simple and effective multi-protocol REST API Server is based on PHP programming. By creating a PHP class with functions for the depiction of API and by mapping them to the URL scheme by affixing few JavaDoc style comments, you can hastily attain your API server up and even run it. Depending upon the set of enabled protocols, this effective API server will be served in any of the protocols. The protocol is based upon the client’s request. For more info kindly visit

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