Flashy USB Drives Releases Guide to Custom USB Drive Grades and Custom USB Drive Quality

Flashy USB Drives is a leader in the custom USB drives market and extends insider knowledge to consumers and customers.

Online PR News – 23-February-2011 – – There are varying quality levels of USB drive chipsets. Understanding exactly what your product is and where it is comes from is the first line of defense against being swindled in the custom USB drives market. USB drives come in four categories ranging from Grade A to Grade D, with Grade A being the highest quality and Grade D being the lowest. Also referred to as tiers, each grade of USB drives is of different quality.

Flashy USB Drives has released a white paper noting the key differences between the various grades of flash drives. This is a definitive guide to understanding how flash drives are made and what goes into the varying levels of quality found in the USB drive field.

“This white paper will really help clarify some of the misconceptions in the USB drive market”, says Flashy USB Drives brand manager Daniel Rodriguez. “Because many USB drive companies cut corners in order to get the lowest price, it is important to understand what grade or tier memory you are receiving and why it is important. I hope this white paper will allow customers to make confident, worthwhile purchases.”

You can read the white paper on quality custom USB drive grades here. Flashy USB Drives sells custom USB drives and can create totally unique designs in PVC, wood, hard plastic, and metal. For more expert information regarding high quality USB drives or custom USB drives please visit FlashyUSBDrives.com or call 1-888-635-2749 to speak with a USB specialist.

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