Baby equipment rental makes travelling to France with baby much easier

baby’tems, baby equipment rental company, makes life easier for families travelling with babies or young children in tow

Online PR News – 23-February-2011 – – It’s a fact: France is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world and has the highest birth rate in Europe. Though, baby equipment rental is only at its first step in France.

In light of those observations, a young mother-of-two has set up baby'tems , a company to rent out baby equipment in Paris and anywhere in France: strollers, high chairs, baths, travel cots, car seats, even toys...The concept is aimed at families with a baby arriving for a few days or a few weeks in France.

If you’re a long way from home, ensuring safety and comfort for your baby can prove to be quite a challenge, especially when you’re on the move. How do you fit the stroller, travel cot and a child seat into the car boot as well as luggage for the whole family? When travelling by train or by plane, it is not necessarily any easier to transport all the equipment that has become now indispensible for the younger members of the family.

It may also be necessary to find a stroller or cot rapidly to be able to accommodate friends or family with young children who are passing through for a visit.

baby’tems rents out and delivers all the necessary equipment directly to your doorstep. All it takes is a few clicks. The products and equipment rented are all recognised brands they are all new and are kept in perfect condition.

In order to provide a fully comprehensive service, baby’tems also proposes supplies (diapers, wipes, baby food…) as well as childcare accessories such as cutlery for children, bath mat, potties, socket covers, etc. which can be purchased at the same time. All the items either purchased or rented are delivered at the same time.

The founder of baby’tems, the mother of two small children, came upon the concept during her travels, having come face to face with this sort of problem only to discover that this type of service actually exists in other countries, but very rarely in France - one of the most visited country in the world!

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