The Kumara Meditation & Wellness Center Launches An Array of Workshops

An additional help to people, the Kumara Meditation & Wellness Center offers a wide range of meditation and healing meditation programs.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – With an array of meditation workshops and healing meditation programs, the Perth Based Kumara Meditation and Wellness Center tries to help out people not only from the city but from the rest of the world. With its unique and balanced approach to offering meditation and Pranic Healing meditation, the organization offers Self-Esteem Workshop and Free Pranic Healing Meditations. The Self Esteem Workshop aims to help the practitioner gain confidence and stand-up for himself to help and boost his personality multiple times.

The Self-Esteem Workshop by Kumara Center will help the practitioner conquer the fear, anguish and guilt which cause numerous problems and issue for an ordinary man. Nonetheless, with the one-day Kumara Self-esteem workshop the practitioner would be able to manage his self-esteem naturally and start liking himself; thus, the workshop which would contain some fun activities and some rare practiced meditation process will enable the person gain momentum in life and become invincible to gain positivity in life.

Similarly, the Free Meditation Sessions by Kumara Meditation and Wellness Center which is held in the evening will provide fundamentals of meditation and how relaxation, meditation, and de-stressing can improve a person's life. Meditation Classes in Perth which are held at Kumara Center under the guidance of legendary meditation expert Liz McCaughey will be showing all the basic features of meditation which have in practice for centuries. Thus, with slight efforts and little guidance at Meditation Classes at Perth, a person can manage the work life balance through meditation and Pranic Healing.

Unique Meditation at the Kumara Center

According to Liz, the founder of the Kumara Center meditation is used for various purposes, however, it requires a balanced approach which is rare in meditation centers at Perth. She boasts that Kumara Center with all its experienced trainers adapts to a balanced approach which has come after it renovated several meditation techniques to make them suitable for conventional people and times.

About the Company

The Kumara Meditation & Wellness Center, which holds regular meditation classes in Perth is a leading meditation center in Perth, Australia. With its quality meditation workshops at Perth, the Kumara Meditation Center at Perth is located amidst natural beauty and serene location to offer pleasing climate and location to participants. Additionally, participants can shop for gifts, books and crystals, etc. In order to obtain more information readers can log in to