Cal Coast Academy, a Solana Beach college preparatory school, today announced the names of the students who successfully completed their first semester courses with Honor Roll status.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Cal Coast Academy, a college preparatory school serving grades 6-12, today announced the names of the students who successfully completed their first semester courses with Honor Roll status. An astounding 59% of Cal Coast Academy’s total population achieved this impressive academic compliment.

Cal Coast Academy’s Founder and Principal, Ms. Jan Dunning, has dedicated over thirty five years to perfecting her innovative educational model. Dunning’s findings have been tremendous and the evidence of her avant-garde learning model is made apparent through her students academic accomplishments. Today, 97% of Cal Coast Academy’s graduating students are accepted into the University of their choosing. Cal Coast Academy continues to break new ground in its educational advancements by remaining true to its founding principle of meeting the needs of the individual student.

“We are delighted to highlight the students who have committed themselves to receiving the most out of our challenging college preparatory courses. These students have wholeheartedly embraced Cal Coast Academy’s bold idea of education and understand that investing today manifests a powerful impact on their tomorrow,” says Dunning.

The awardees, all students who earned a grade point average of 3.0 or higher for the first semester, include:

Ashton Mitchell, 6th
Max Fitzmaurice, 8th
Griffin VanZanten, 8th
Ryder Devine, 9th
Tristan Armstrong, 10th
Daniel Norris, 10th
Jennifer Spada, 10th
James Bernard, 11th
Dale Copp, 11th
Julia Spira, 11th
Grace Wulff, 11th
Alexa Armstrong, 12th
Taylor Cole, 12th

“In addition to exemplifying superior academic knowledge, these Honor Roll students are influential leaders and contributors within our small school as well as in the broader community,” states Dunning. “They foster responsibility, accountability and resourcefulness.”

A key element to Cal Coast Academy’s superior student success is the academic infusion of its core values. This collaboration assists in preparing students academically, socially, physically, and spiritually, to embark upon adulthood as confident, successful, self-directed self-advocates. Customized education and a 6:1 student/teacher ratio also play a pivotal role in students’ academic perseverance. This less threatening atmosphere encourages students to participate in the school’s interactive learning methodology.

As the antiqued educational system continues to fall short in meeting the needs of students, Dunning’s exclusive schooling blueprint is markedly the quintessential solution.