Pet Care: February is National Spay-Neuter Month

As Martin Luther King said, one should not be afraid of the welfare of a person nor an animal. To acknowledge this, benefit your pets from the best of the services that are currently available, as February is the national spay-neuter month.

Online PR News – 25-February-2011 – – Spaying or neutering is one of the most important health care measures that ensure a good pet care. Take advantage of the 17th annual Spay Day promoted by the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International, Paws of Chico Spay & Neuter Program and Mangrove Veterinary Hospital that together presents the spay/neuter for pets.
Many times, individuals do not have much information about the availability and knowledge about spaying or neutering. Also, the services provided through pet care clinics are not affordable for many. Confirm your presence at the drive as beneficial and low cost pet care programs are offered there.
The national spay-neuter awareness month is aligned to provide free spay-neuter services. People who do not have much access to the best pet care services can visit during the period to fix the problems of their pet animals like cats and dogs.
At the campaign, pet owners can also have a good discussion with the pet care professionals. People who do not have much knowledge about spay can consult the expert professionals gathered at a common platform. They can provide their valuable guidance on animal’s welfare and health care tips on the surgical amputation of the reproductive organs of both male and female animals.
Many people have certain misconceptions about the procedures involved in the removal of the reproductive organs of animals. Veterinarians and pet care experts explain the term ‘neuter’ as removal of male reproductive organs while a ‘spay’ is associated with the removal of a female reproductive organ.
Before taking the responsibility of pets, it is the duty of the pet owner to consider the financial aspects. Many times, it is not easy to manage the maintenance of delicate creatures due to the huge financial commitments involved. Get in touch with lots of pet owners that are likely to be present at the promotional event. You can also gain wide knowledge about various other pet care services and availability of the financial aids to benefit your pets.
Various organizations have taken active participation in National Spay Day that presents a complimentary spay and neuter clinic by joining together with various non-profit organizations. The campaign gives an insight on various helpful aspects that deals with pet care facilities and supportive treatments.
You can contact the Animal Welfare Society to get an appointment fixed for cat spaying and neutering which is not more than $40 or $25 respectively. They have also made arrangements for rabies vaccination. So take the advantage of the opportunity as all pets are obliged to have a current rabies vaccination.
Pet owners who are unable to have enough money to spay or neuter their pets or those who have low income level and financial needs can benefit from the national spay-neuter awareness month. Just make sure whether you meet the criteria for the free clinics and accordingly register the appointment.
Miracles do happen; but not always and not all the time. Thus, depending upon self to cure the unmanageable conditions related with pets is not the best alternative. Providing the necessary treatment for pet care is essential to avoid the irreparable loss.