Ken Buckman, CEO of Tradetec Skyline, Conquers Expo Challenge Presented By Chinese President

Successfully tackling a unique opportunity to execute an international trade exposition featuring the presence of Chinese president, Hu Jintao, Tradetec Skyline discusses the challenges in transforming the impossible into a showroom of trade show stands.

Online PR News – 23-February-2011 – – Chicago, IL – At the end of December, Ken Buckman, CEO of Tradetec Skyline, took on a project that involved transforming a 65,000 empty warehouse into a spectacular exhibit display. Then the specifications began rolling in, and what appeared to be a straightforward project became more complex.

Tradetec Skyline is used to organizing and executing large scale events, but typically, requirements revolve around how many exhibit booths are needed, and a multitude of other criteria. What was unique about this project was the necessity of maximum security, US Secret Service involvement, a full canine sweep, exclusivity, and no site access for specified times before and after the event. Buckman was then informed that the show was to revolve around the shared economic successes of US and China, and that the president of China would be in attendance with his delegation.

Our team really delivered on this project which is what we are known to do. Tradetec Skyline has built a solid reputation for wowing our clients even when other providers have failed mid-project. Im very proud of our team for executing such an important event flawlessly and with such integrity.

This would be President Hi Jintao's first state visit in almost 15 years. On January 21, 2011, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and the China General Chamber of Commerce USA hosted the Chinese president and his delegation, with the Chinese Consulate's oversight. The president would be coming directly from the White House to the tradeshow, and his expectations were high.

"We always strive to exceed our client's expectations, but this was even more sensitive of a project. We laid out a detailed and precise execution plan to ensure that this event went without a single hitch, and exceeded the entire entourage's expectations," said Ken Buckman, CEO of Tradetec Skyline.

In the end, the exposition went very well. An empty warehouse was transformed to a showcase of over a quarter mile of 20-foot high oval draped fabric, professionally laid wood laminate flooring, custom-cut carpeting, and complete electrical service. The space was kept warm by temporary heating that was delivered specifically for the event. Movie-set balloon lighting was installed, and Tradetec ensured that there was a secure escape route for the President, the Secret Service, and the State Department attendees. And to ensure that the world could watch, Tradetec put a sound and stage system into place, enabling a worldwide simulcast to over a billion people and over 45 media outlets.

"Our team really delivered on this project, which is what we are known to do. Tradetec Skyline has built a solid reputation for wowing our clients, even when other providers have failed mid-project. I'm very proud of our team for executing such an important event flawlessly and with such integrity," concluded Ken Buckman.

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