MI Ford Dealers May Be Celebrating Rookie’s Big Daytona Win, MI Auto Times Announces

Ford’s calling it a ‘Cinderally Story’ but whatever people call it, MI Ford dealers may be proud of Trevor Bayne whose win is spreading Ford’s name and his own far and wide.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – MI Ford dealers could be seeing more foot traffic in their dealerships as consumers excited and inspired by Trevor Bayne’s big win at Daytona head to their local MI Ford dealers to get behind the wheel of a new Ford vehicle.
This 20-year-old from Knoxville is the youngest on record to win the Daytona 500, and what’s even more impressive is Bayne won the race his first attempt. The last time that happened was Lee Petty in 1959. Bayne, apparently, didn’t even think he’d win the race, driving himself to the 500 in his Ford F150 vehicle.
Bayne told the press, “None of us thought it was going to be possible,” Bayne said. “I drove down here in my F150. I was planning on driving it back. They told me somebody else is going to have to drive it back.”
MI Ford dealers who’ve been around more than 30 years may remember that Bayne’s racing team Wood Brothers have not won since 1976 and also have just returned after a 10-year absence. The vehicle driven by Bayne was painted in a similar design as the Wood Brothers’ 1976 winning vehicle, the No. 21 Mercury driven by David Pearson. Now Bayne has crossed the finish line in a No. 21 Ford.
Bayne’s youth will help NASCAR connect with younger fans but many have remarked on his disposition and humility, which makes it possible for an older demographic to connect with him as they had with one veteran racer who tragically died while racing in 2001.
According to Sporting News, a racing and Dale Earnhardt fan was spotted “weeping on pit road.” Bayne’s business manager saw him and said the man was “absolutely bawling,” adding, “He said, ‘It’s been 10 years, but I’ve found my driver.”
MI Auto Times has a feeling that many people will be able to connect with Bayne, and he’ll be able to attract a new group of fans who have never followed NASCAR before. No. 21 will make an impression in a big way and may force some other numbers to share some window space.
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