MSP Upgrades Clients to AppAssure Replay 4 to Eliminate Long Backup Windows

Managed Service Provider upgrades clients from Acronis to AppAssure Replay 4 backup software to eliminate long backup windows and provide remote virtual failover in minutes.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – Reston, VA - AppAssure Software (, a provider of innovative backup and disaster recovery software for Windows Applications Servers, today announced that LAN Doctors, Inc., the NJ-based provider of IT services to small to medium businesses (SMBs), has switched from Acronis True Image to AppAssure’s flagship backup and recovery software product, Replay 4. LAN Doctors will upgrade their customers to Replay 4 to eliminate long backup windows and provide remote virtual failover in minutes.

In its 100% virtualized environment, LAN Doctors, Inc. provides its clients with confidence, security, and speed when it comes to IT services. “We’ve had a completely virtualized environment for over two years,” says LAN Doctors CEO and Lead Engineer, Eric Speer. “We manage about 100 clients who are located everywhere and we also host locally, providing disaster recovery for some of our clients.”

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), LAN Doctors saw that many of its larger clients were struggling under increasingly large backup windows. “Our big clients demand reduced backup windows and faster restore times and our previous backup and recovery solution wasn’t cutting it,” says Speer. “We had a major health insurance company who complained that their backup window was extending into their work day. So we had to find something better.”

To replace Acronis True Image for these clients, LAN Doctors turned to AppAssure’s Replay 4 to solve the client’s backup window problem, and to get them back up and running in minutes following a server failure. “Replay was the only solution that overcame these issues,” says Speer. “Now we use Replay to completely eliminate those long backup windows and enable fast restores for all our clients.”

Beyond solid backup solutions for his clients, Speer knows that in order to deliver solid SLAs, his disaster recovery ability has to be on a strong footing. “One time before we were using Replay, we installed a SAN not knowing the vendor had the drives on recall,” remembers Speer. “Two weeks later, three drives failed simultaneously. Restoring with Acronis took longer and a lot more effort than it would have with Replay, which would have had the image ready to go to restore in minutes.”

Having the virtual standby with Replay’s virtual recovery is a huge advantage for Speer and his team. “Before, we had to P2V our latest backups and they were from the previous night,” he notes. “Now they're already P2Ved, current, and ready to play in minutes. No P2V process means quicker data recovery—Replay is saving several hours in this regard.”

LAN Doctors is leveraging Replay backup and disaster recovery software, giving them dependability, cost effectiveness, quicker restores, easier management, and ready-to-go current server snapshots. This in turn gives LAN Doctor a better SLA to its clients.

“Prior to Replay,” concludes Speer, “the best I can say is that this work took hours. As an MSP, that cuts heavily into margins. Now with AppAssure’s Replay we’re talking a couple of minutes to perform the same restore task, ultimately keeping our margins protected.”

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