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Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – –, 02.22.11- Migraine is a debilitating condition and is excruciating, normally characterized by severe headaches and nausea. A migraine headache is often one sided (unilateral) and may be associated with vomiting, depression, sleep disruption and sensitivity to light, sound and smells. GelStat Corporation is offering a fast relief for migraine sufferers. Gel Stat’s natural migraine relief is safe having no side effects with clinically proven results. It is a homeopathic gel that will be administered under the tongue and when swallowed it provides a fast and effective migraine relief. It has powerful natural ingredients like feverfew & Ginger. GelStat’s natural migraine relief is effective and fast as it enters the blood stream quickly allowing maximum absorption.

Generally migraines are considered as a severe form of headache but migraines are a completely different type of medical affliction. Atypical Migraine, Optical Migraine, Retinal Migraine and Visual Migraine are the types of migraine. There are tension type headaches, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, organic headaches and rebound head aches. Sometimes headaches may affect children and even babies. Migraine headaches are generally classified as migraine without Aura (MWOA) or Migraine with Aura (MWA). For proper diagnosis of a specific type of migraine, consultation with a physician is necessary.

A wide variety of remedies are recommended for migraine. Along with medications some home remedies are also prescribed. GelStat’s natural migraine relief is considered as the secret weapon in providing a great remedy for a miserable migraine. The vitamin niacin that normally found in whole wheat, yeast, liver, fish and nuts, is believed to be a best source of migraine relief. Drinking plenty of water, consuming vegetable juice, grape juice, large amount of salt containing foods are considered as home remedies for migraines. Other home remedies are head massage, compressing cabbage leaves to your head, ice wrap and peppermint oil remedy. Magnesium that helps to regulate dilation of arteries can be taken in pill form. Herbal migraine remedies including feverfew and butterbur is effective in treating migraines.

The causes and triggers for migraines are unpredictable. Many factors like hormonal, chemical, dietary, behavioral or environmental may trigger the migraine. Each person should attempt to identify, which exposure is triggering them to result in migraine causes.

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