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Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – is a file and link search engine that makes downloading Rapidshare links, hotfile links, fileserve links, filesonic links and mediafire links a real quick and easy process. The site has a number of complex algorithms that are created and designed to find a number of Hotfile links across the globe. Users can also easily find RapidShare download links, zShare, 4shared and a number of other links from the website. The site also compiles all these links that the user needs into a handy list of search results, so they do not have to repeat their searches while using this search engine. All that users need to do is enter the name of the title of any link that they are looking for into the search bar that is installed on each and every page of the website. They can click ‘Go’ and within a time span of a few seconds, they gain instant access to all the files that they need. The search engine is designed to sift through a large number of file hosts that beat their potential competitors in this online market segment of using Rapidshare Links.

More searches using and more file hosts essentially means more mirrors for the downloaded links, more files and the best part is quicker downloads too. Their list of supported sites includes an exhaustive list of over 44 sites that are alphabetically listed on their website. Warez can also be downloaded using the same website. These copyrighted works are always distributed online for free and without having to pay for royalties. While Rapidshare Links are limited to file sharing either between friends or much larger groups of people who are looking for the same links, Warez data refers to the online release of files by a set of users or members. They all fall under the broad category of mass media and Warez files are distributed through torrents that are uploaded using a P2P site. All these downloads on are submitted by the users through their Profile page and is neither affiliated in any manner with the file hosts nor do they promote file-sharing and piracy directly or indirectly.