UltraCar Launches Brand New Website

With great customer experience and usability at its core, UltraCar’s brand new website offers advice and tips on car leasing,

Online PR News – 03-April-2018 – Marsh Green – With great customer experience and usability at its core, UltraCar’s brand new website offers advice and tips on car leasing, along with a comprehensive list of example cars they are able to source. Its custom-built, high performance search engine can return vehicle suggestions in milliseconds. The search facility is able to work from budget requirements alone, meaning there is no pressure to select a make and model before you know which cars fall within your budget.

Whether you are ready to choose your new car, or simply want some tips on personal or business leasing, UltraCar’s new website is the one-stop shop for all car leasing needs for anyone who may be affected by a bad credit rating.


As opposed to the mainstream car leasing companies, UltraCar does not check your credit score when approving you for a lease. Instead there are just two main criteria on which your lease is based: affordability and traceability. To put it simply, if you can afford the monthly repayments and are in some way traceable at your current address, you can look to secure yourself a personal or business car lease with no delving into your credit score.


UltraCar is the ideal leasing company for anyone with a poor credit score. This can be caused by many different reasons, including:

- Bad borrowing history
- No credit history
- Lots of previous credit applications
- Not being on the Electoral Role
- An IVA
- Unsettled CCJs
- Bankruptcy
- Recently divorced

Individuals and businesses which fall within one or more of the above categories have much more trouble when trying to lease a car through the usual channels, which is why more and more are choosing UltraCar to satisfy their vehicle needs.


Year on year, personal leasing is the biggest growing sector of the automotive industry, and it’s not hard to see why. Leasing a vehicle through Personal Contact Hire specialist UltraCar gives drivers fantastic benefits:

- Choice of any car on the market
- Dedicated team to source and buy your chosen vehicle
- New car every 3 years


As well as serving individuals, UltraCar offer contract leasing to any trading business (such as sole traders, PLC, LLP and Ltd businesses). As the funders of the vehicle(s), UltraCar registers the vehicle(s), with your company as the leasee. Great benefits to business customers include:

- Road Tax paid for duration of lease
- Manufacturer’s warranty cover for all or most of contract
- Vehicle branding permitted

Looking to lease a car with a bad credit rating can be taxing at best, and at worst simply impossible. UltraCar has been transforming this process for drivers and businesses with bad credit ratings since 1999. In a recent survey of current customers, 100% said they would recommend UltraCar to a friend.

“If You Have Been Turned Away By Mainstream Leasing Get In Touch With Us Today, Our Friendly Team Are Here To Help You”

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