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Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – February 22, 2011 - Westlake Village, CA PaymentMax, a leading provider of payment processing solutions for small businesses, announced that they are able to provide alternative solutions that circumvent user problems with the much-hyped Square™ mobile card reader.

The Square's greatest claim to fame has been that the CEO of the company is also the co-founder of Twitter. That may be good for marketing an image, but the actual hardware product has had a less illustrious history. In the rush to prepare for its initial rollout, the device was found to be bugged by problems and in need of further testing. Months later, after some of those were resolved, many complaints surround its sluggish funding and the limits on both the dollar size and the volume of transactions allowed.

PaymentMax alternatives, by contrast, have been proven in the field to have all of the advantages that the Square is touting with very few of its disadvantages. For example, PaymentMax has established a track record of being able to consistently provide account holders with fast funding. A PaymentMax merchant account will allow merchants to accept payments on their mobile device under rules similar to those governing storefront sales where dollar limits are restricted by the credit card's limit or the retailer's personal judgment, not by the provider of processing services.

PaymentMax offers mobile card readers and swiping hardware that is lightweight, highly portable, and works with nearly every smartphone on the market. Industry wide, there used to be an interval of time needed for card processing capabilities to catch up with the new phones, but in the past months, that gap has closed and PaymentMax is able to offer sellers who need mobile accounts to begin selling from the first day of release.

PaymentMax solutions match all the benefits of the Square and then go further. They allow selling from trade shows, conventions, art fairs, flea markets, and other venues where it would be difficult to plug in a cash register. They do all this with environmentally responsible paperless receipts and accounting. PaymentMax accounts do not restrict a merchant's growth.

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