PB Reality Show Postpones Series Debut, Taking On New Direction To Satisfy Fans

Executive Producer and star of the PB Reality Show says he will release the show, but was not specific about a date.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – San Diego, CA, February 22, 2011 -- After more than two years of filming, the PB Reality Show didn’t air as planned on January 31st. Jim Lawlor, better known as the PB Millionaire, Executive Producer and star of the PB Reality Show ( http://www.pbreality.com ) says he will release the show, but was not specific about a date. Ever the perfectionist, he says, "we have had so many parties and events that we have not been able to focus on editing. We have acquired an enormous amount of footage, so much so that capturing all the tantalizing drama in just one episode has become problematic." The show has had two sneak previews over the years with positive reviews, but he says he is, "responding to what people say they like, and we’re going in that direction."

Showcasing his lifestyle as a self-made millionaire living the California dream, he has a team of attractive assistants, or social secretaries, whose main job is to "fight boredom." One of those assistants was Crystal Harris, who is now engaged to Playboy’s Hugh Hefner. The show also gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the making of his bikini calendar. Lawlor is often seen around town with these bikini models, who are also part of the show.

Born in Pennsylvania, Lawlor's father worked for the FBI, his mother worked as an ER nurse. Lawlor would tinker as a child making model rockets, airplanes, and even building his own go-cart. His family moved to Iowa, where he attended college first majoring in Art, but then switching to Business.

When Lawlor moved here to San Diego 20 years ago, he had very little money and found it difficult finding employment despite his college degree. He painted houses to get by and admitted to sleeping in his car on occasion.

Ironically, while painting a house one day, he came up with an idea for a pair of spray painting goggles, which made him millions.

This rags to riches story from first being penniless to now living in a castle here in Pacific Beach is why he is known as the PB Millionaire. He now helps the homeless here in San Diego. One of his favorite charities is called "Photo Charity" ( http://www.photocharity.org ) which focuses mainly on the homeless youth.

This is all reminiscent of a millionaire of another era, Howard Hughes, who spent years making the film The Outlaw in a time when films took a matter of weeks to make.

A new video preview of the show will be released, however, in the next few months called "The Making of the PB Reality Show." ( http://www.pbreality.com ) According to Lawlor, it will highlight the filming of the past two years with, "some outrageous, scandalous shi*!"

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