Landscaping company, DIY Matters, launches new fencing products

DIY Matters has launched fencing products and is teaching consumers how to use them correctly.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – There are hundreds of methods that can be used to creating a beautiful garden.

One thing that can be done to add an extra aesthetic is garden fencing panels. They create a beautiful border around your garden and draws attention to your plants.

A very popular style of garden panel is wooden. Of the styles that you can create with these panels, some of the most popular are thatch, reedcane and willow.

Willow fencing creates a very natural look and comes in a variety of heights so they can be used in both small and large gardens.

The panels are positioned side by side so that there are no gaps in between creating a solid barrier around the garden.

It can come in individual pieces or as a roll. With the individual pieces, the process is the same as with the wooden sections. You place the pieces where you wish for them to go and then drive them into the ground.

Not only do garden fence panels enhance the look of your garden, but they also help to protect the flowers or vegetables inside. By creating a barrier, animals such as raccoons and possums can not come in and destroy what you have inside.

Also, the panels can protect your flowers from strong winds that can usually break stems and destroy blooms.

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DIY Matters’ range of fencing will include natural screen fencing – in Thatch, Willow and Reedcane – which are perfect for garden, terrace, balcony or home interior, creating natural shades in the garden.

For gardeners who are conscious of insect and bird infestation, there is now various types of protective netting available from the DIY Matters website –which are also used to support plants and help growth.

Careful planning is crucial if you are to create a functional and attractive front garden.

Both heavy duty and light garden weed membranes will help turn your front garden into a desirable property.

Heavy duty landscaping fabric can be used under gravel, slate, decking, and garden paths or trails. By contrast, a light weed suppressing garden membrane can be used under organic mulch, decorative gravel, bark or for simply lining planters in the garden.

Weed control fabric only lets water and nutrients through to your plants, whilst suppressing the growth of nasty unwanted weeds.

Using weed membrane also helps to keep the ground moist and protects from extreme temperatures, whilst reducing the need for watering of plants.

DIY Matters offers a range of landscape fabric, weed membrane, garden membrane such as weed control, driveway weed control and heavy duty weed control fabric.

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