NY Green Eco Offering Safe Pest Management For the New York Food Service Industry

NY Green Eco, an expert pest control services provider, is offering pest management for the New York food service industry. The services offered covers a huge number of pests' detection and extermination. Each approach and device used are totally eco-friendly and safe.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – Astoria, NY, 22 Feb 2011 : An expert pest control services in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, NY Green Eco, is offering a safe pest management for the New York food service industry. The company uses only green and organic pesticides to save restaurants, fast food chains, cafes and commercial kitchens from the damaging attack of various pests.

The company's senior pest adviser said “A clean, pest free commercial kitchen is the key to any restaurant or food service environment's success. Ensuring your diners receive a meal that has been prepared in a kitchen free of flies, cockroaches or even mice and rats is absolutely critical in order to retain them as loyal customers. Insect and rodent infestations are annoying and can lead to health risks like salmonella and when pest problems get out of control, they can damage structures and even hurt your business' image.”

By providing only eco-friendly pest management, the company assures the safety of your food stuff and environment while and after the extermination procedures. The devices and pesticides used are as potent and efficient, but unlike chemical pesticides, have zero hazardous content.

The pest adviser also said that, “More than 40-percent of the nation's food-born illnesses can be attributed to pests. That being said, every food service area is a potential breeding ground for roaches, fruit flies, mice, and rats. As pests crawl around uncontrolled, they can contaminate food and sicken customers and employees with a variety of illnesses. This can have a potentially negative effect on your business and can even result in receiving citations or being shut down.”

A little mouse, cockroaches or flies around your shop could become a major threat to your business if left untreated. So, if you notice any pest activity in and around your business, you can call NY Green Eco for a free onsite estimation. The company's experts can assess the level of risk and the necessary procedures. NY Green Eco also provides pest control services for other commercial and residential areas as well. Therefore, for any attack from termites, cockroaches, rodents or bed bugs New York residents and business owners can call upon NY Green Eco.

About NY Green Eco

NY Green Eco is the leading pest management services provider in the New York area. Safety, efficiency and quality are some principles that drive the company. Be it termites, rodents, moths, ants, birds or bed bugs NYC residents can terminate every one of them with the services of NY Green Eco. Bed bug dogs, Cryonite, Thermography, Fumigation etc., are some of the devices and processes adopted by the company.

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