Oil Skimmers, Inc., Customizes Product to Aid Steel Manufacturer

The Model 6V and 5H Oil Skimming Systems can be customized to fit any application.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – Cleveland, OH, February 22, 2011 -- Oil Skimmers, Inc., designed and fabricated an innovative solution to help steel manufacturers in the challenging removal of grease from flume pits that are below ground level.

Oil Skimmers, Inc., fabricated a complete skimming system for a steel manufacturer that had excess grease floating on a flume pit 30 feet below the main plant operations level. The grease needed to be skimmed into a drum and then the drum brought to the main level; the customer elected not to use a pump. The Model 6V oil skimmer was placed on a special mounting frame that included a cart to hold the 55-gallon drum. The cart had a roller system that allowed it to be rolled out from under the Model 6V to approximately 18 inches away from the oil skimmer, where it could be lifted out of the pit using an overhead crane. The system was protected with a fire resistant shroud, and also equipped with a laser level monitor to notify when the drum was full.

Jim Petrucci, Vice President of Oil Skimmers, Inc., explains, “This is a good example of Oil Skimmers, Inc., working closely with our customer to help solve a problem that went beyond simple oil skimming. Our experience with tens of thousands of various applications and the flexibility of our personnel enabled us to come up with this solution tailored to the specific needs of the customer.”

Oil Skimmers, Inc., offers long-lasting, customized oil skimming equipment and solutions for diverse manufacturing and industrial applications that require dependable, continuous removal of oil from process liquids and water. Oil Skimmers, Inc. provides solutions to clients in the food processing, automotive, biodiesel, manufacturing, steel and power industries for coolant re-usage, oil recycling, or meeting EPA and/or municipal wastewater requirements. With thousands of systems in operation, some for over 30 years, Oil Skimmers, Inc., provides reliable, cost-saving oil skimmers with excellent customer service and support. You can request more information here.

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