Extract, decrypt, parse, restructure text in Python using Packt's new book.

Python 2.6 Text Processing Beginner's Guide is a new book from Packt for Python programmers who want to learn text processing techniques to transform text from one form to another. Written by Jeff McNeil, this book is a practical guide on 'how-to-do' what one wants with textual data in Python.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – Python is a programming language that lets one work more quickly and integrate their systems more effectively. Programmers can learn to use Python and see almost immediate gains in productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Python 2.6 Text Processing Beginner's Guide starts with a quick look at a few data formats and installing the supporting libraries and components, followed by extracting data from a collection of sources and handling it using Python's built-in features. Moving on, programmers will be able to process structured text documents such as XML and HTML, JSON, and CSV. They will also learn to enhance text output via a collection of third-party packages such as Nucular, PyParsing, NLTK, and Mako.

This book will help readers understand Unicode, character encoding, internationalization, and localization. They will be able to process a large number of e-mail messages, fix common exceptions that occur while dealing with different types of text encoding, use ReportLab toolkit's high-level PLATYPUS framework and generate Microsoft Excel output using the xlwt module. Towards the end of the book, readers will comprehend supporting functions and classes, such as the Python IO system and packaging components.

Packed with examples, this Beginner's Guide covers the steps for various tasks to process data along with a breif explainataion about each task. Readers need not have any previous experience with text processing, but will require some basic knowledge of Python. This book is out now from Packt. Grab your copy now! For more information, please visit: www.packtpub.com/python-2-6-text-processing-beginners-guide/book