The Toplocksmiths Association offers 2 day locksmith courses with demonstrative and hands on practica

The Toplocksmiths association offers intensive 2 day locksmith courses and a complementary membership of the association. Now get a career boost with an intensive locksmith training, a firsthand demonstrative experience to get you going as a professional locksmith.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – A career as a locksmith can prove to be a very rewarding one provided you have the required proficiency and skill set, and apart from that a keen sense of business. All these requirements can be achieved by an intensive locksmith training course at the Toplocksmiths association. This course enables the students to set up a business, to work as a locksmith at some company or as an individual practitioner, or use the skill sets alongside an existing trade.

Rather than doing some course in locksmithing for 3 days and spending a fortune, A 2 day course at the locksmith training London can prove to be economical and benefitting. It not only saves on time and money but also gives a demonstrative and hands on practical training to the aspiring students. Apart from teaching the trade it also gives inputs on how to go about building business and other career improvement and trade secrets.

The intensive 2 day courses are conducted at the locksmith training Newcastle as well as the locksmith training north east so that students do not have to travel all the way for a pursuing the course and it is easier for them to attend classes at the nearest location. The association provides free lunch during the course of training. It has no hassles of any type of written exams. As a locksmith has to excel in his skills practically and not on paper the course takes care that the student is proficient in using all the latest and the original tool sets and gets a firsthand experience of the trade.

The locksmith courses cover all the aspects of the locksmithing within 2 days. They include Different lock types and function, Euro Cylinder and Rim Cylinder picking and fitting, 2 and 3 lever Mortice lock picking, Picking and Fitting of 5 Lever Mortice locks, BS and non-BS. Apart from learning to use various tools it also teaches uPVC door and Padlock Opening, Night latch fitting and Multi Point locking mechanisms.

Along with the hands on training they also provide full support and advice regarding the setting up of the business, building up contacts and bringing in business, along with a list of subcontractors and how they operate, and the wholesalers of locks and locksmiths with the application forms. The reputed association lets its students use its name to establish themselves in business.

After the completion of the programme the students can use the logo and the name of the association for the further betterment of their business. It can be used on the mobile van for the business. The student is also provided with a work manual and a kit to start with.

Locksmiths work doesn’t only mean making locks; it has a lot more including doors, latched fixtures and security systems. It can be a small scale as well as a real giant business set up. Toplocksmiths is a leading name in the locksmith training and has the repute of producing some of the finest professionals who have excelled in the field.