Give your Skin the Innovative Healing Touch

The facials of Ettia follow the elemental energy forces of Mother Nature, of fire, wood, water and air and accentuate balance and healing.

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – Give your skin customized treatments from Innovative Healing Touch, your one stop shop for skin care through natural means. The website belongs to Ettia Tal who has developed her exclusive bodywork and facial techniques for 20 years now. She follows a comprehensive approach incorporating her immense knowledge in the field of ancient healing with 100% organic and natural skin care products from all over the world. You can request customized facials which combine acupressure point massage with anti wrinkle techniques to take care of your stressed skin.

Ettia’s facials combine organic products which address all skin types. Organic ingredients are used such as herbs, seaweed extracts, essential oils, and antioxidant blends which are tailored according to the needs of the client. With the help of transformative oils and meridian guides, the facials of Ettia follow the elemental energy forces of Mother Nature, of fire, wood, water and air and accentuate balance and healing. The customized treatments allow in restoring the spiritual, mental and physical well being of the person and leave the skin smooth and younger.

You can request facials that are customized or request a facial appointment or personalized bodywork. The latter is aimed to relieve stress, revitalize your energy levels and alleviate the pain of physical and emotional injuries. Ettia is a certified visceral and cranio sacral manipulator, an instructor in the universal Tao healing art and a gifted CNT Chi Nei Tsang practitioner (which is an ancient type of abdominal massage) and finally a certified Ohashiatsu instructor.

With the cranio sacral therapy, you can touch your skin light and gentle and manipulate it softly encouraging the natural mechanisms of the body to improve the working of the different organs and dissipate the effects of stress. This enhances your resistance to diseases and reduces migraines and chronic back and neck pain.

By a soft touch, you can work wonders on your body. At Innovative Healing Touch, your internal environment is evaluated and distinctive techniques are used for releasing any restrictions. It teaches the body to relax and correct itself. Cranio sacral therapy frees the central nervous system to eliminate stress and improve health and well being.

CNT or Chi Nei Tsang takes care of an ancient form of detox and it energizes abdominal massage. CNT blends Thai and Chinese massaging and meditation techniques to untangle the knots, blood vessels and nerves in the abdomen. With Ettia’s gifted touch, CNT redirects energy circulation and deals with constipation, insomnia, bloating, obesity and skin problems. With reflexology, pressure is applied to different regions of the body through non invasive techniques to ensure physical balance.

Ohashiatsu reduces stress by using acupressure points, oriental diagnosis, and exercises in a holistic and beneficial manner. It offers deep relaxation to the clients. Ettia uses a combination of hands on touch mechanisms, stretches and gentle exercises along with meditation which are organized in a way so as to ensure seamless flow of movement. Ohashiatsu is really an energizing dance which revitalizes the skin, releases energy and refreshes the body.

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