Elettric 80 at ProMat 2011 Discusses Fork Laser Guided Vehicles

Elettric 80 at ProMat 2011 Discusses Fork Laser Guided Vehicles

Online PR News – 22-February-2011 – – ProMat 2011, the most important event in material handling will take place in Chicago March 21 – 24; Elettric 80 will present Warehouse Automation LGVs.  Elettric 80 will show three (3) Laser Guided Vehicles from a standard product line, each with different capabilities at ProMat 2011.  Each LGV can be used in a customer’s existing infrastructure. Elettric 80 is unique in the material handling industry because of this important investment in developing a “standard” product line.  The company will also share Warehouse Optimizer software.  According to Andrea Pongolini , VP Sales for Elettric 80, “Warehouse Optimizer (WO) software is key to a successful LGV system for automatic warehousing. Too often, it is an afterthought in our industry, when in reality it is the key to a system’s success.” Elettric 80 will also share examples of its large installed base of LGVs operating in consumer goods manufacturers’ warehouses.
The fork LGV family is extremely versatile and can pick up and deposit pallets (1-4 at a time) from various types of conveyors, set at different heights or at ground level. This latter feature means that even large ground level stores (temporary or permanent) can be used and the pallets can be directly stacked up in several layers. There are two versions of this type of vehicle. They vary according to the different position of the back wheels in relation to the forks, thus allowing the vehicle to have different forms and sizes in relation to the load to be carried and the space available to maneuver.
Elettric 80 is a global provider of end-of-line automation solutions designed to increase operational efficiency for high volume Consumer Products manufactures. These solutions called Freeway are a highly flexible material handling system.
The Freeway material handling system is based on a simple idea:
         Robotic palletizing cells handle goods at the end of the production line
         LGVs transport pallets to stretch wrapping and labeling
         LGVs transport finished pallets to the warehouse
         An integrated software management system

The technologies are adaptable and have a degree of built-in flexibility making them suitable for any plant layout or design.

With the addition of Warehouse Optimizer (WO) the Freeway system easily extends into the warehouse utilizing Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs) for Storage & Retrieval System (SRS) and Auto-Trailer Loading (ATL), providing flexible automation solution for the overall end-of line production and warehouse.
Elettric 80 is located at booth 2031 for ProMat 2011; to request a complimentary ProMat 2011 Guest Pass call 847 329 7717 no later than February 28th.

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