Alternative Treatment Option Gives COPD Patients Breath of Fresh Air

Leading Stem Cell Treatment Providing Hope for Many

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – A study published in the January 7th issue of American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine says that those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease and other non-respiratory conditions than in the past.

While this gives insight into how COPD may impact those afflicted, many patients still aren’t aware of new treatment options available. Most of the information available promotes preventive care or medications that manage the patient’s symptoms as the disease progresses. However, cutting-edge treatment options such as stem cell therapy are starting to gain ground as patients are experiencing positive results.

The Adult Adipose-derived Stem Cell Therapy program was recently launched by the International Stem Cell Institute (ISCI). Based out of San Diego, California, the institute is a global advocate of stem cell therapy. “With the number of Americans diagnosed with COPD rising, it is important to promote the advancements of stem cell therapy as a viable treatment option,” said Rita Alexander, President of the International Stem Cell Institute.

ISCI uses a proprietary Autologous Adult Adipose-derived Stem Cell treatment process developed over the last 10 years by AdiStem Ltd., a world leader in biotechnology. During the procedure, adipose tissue (fat) is removed from the patient using mini-liposuction, and processed with a combination of PRP (platelet rich plasma) which includes growth factors that have a powerful impact on cell development, growth and proliferation. A specialized low laser light is used to activate the stem cells, and is then administered via an IV infusion over a 1-2 hour period of time. The IV infusion is an easy out-patient procedure and an excellent method for treating COPD, as up to 80% of the stem cells guided by the circulatory system will go to the lungs if repair work is needed. The large volume of adult stem cells that can be harvested at any one time from fat makes this an excellent source of adult stem cells.

Recent studies indicate that a particular type of stem cell, mesenchymal stem cells, have the ability to suppress many of the immune system assailants such as macrophages that attack emphysema-ridden lung tissue. Not surprisingly, many people with COPD who have been treated with fat tissue derived stem cells have reported experiencing reductions in shortness of breath and reliance on supplemental oxygen.

A progressive disease that makes it difficult to breathe, COPD affects over 16 million Americans. An umbrella term for two diseases -- chronic bronchitis and emphysema -- COPD is the fourth largest killer in the United States.

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