Oasis Steam Showers Releases its 2011 Line

The New Line of Futuristic Showers with Integrated Multimedia, Mp3/Mp4 and a 8.4" Flat Screen Television

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – Oasis Steam Showers were first introduced to North America in 2009. Since then they are rapidly becoming one of the most popular household names in the modular steam shower industry. In 2009 they had ground breaking designs incorporating better internal components and implementing new construction techniques never before seen. Oasis is dedicated to one thing, raising the bar of technology and quality at an affordable price. The modular steam shower industry is always a few years behind the custom shower industry. Companies such as Kohler and Delta ultimately will always have the market cornered when it comes to technology in the bathroom. However Oasis is quickly closing this gap and is dedicated to bringing affordable luxury bathroom products into the homes of millions of Americans.

The 2011 Oasis steam showers have a far superior control system and have incorporated multimedia into many of their new models. Some of the updates for 2011 are an 8.4” flat screen LCD television and an MP3/MP4/Ipod docking station. Now in the comfort of you Oasis whirlpool bathtub or steam shower utilizing a USB connection, you can listen to your favorite play list or even watch your favorite movie. All these luxury features come at a cost that is still 10-20% of the total cost of a custom shower enclosure.

In addition to adding the multimedia options Oasis has also incorporated an ozone sterilization feature to each of its new 2011 steam showers. Steam showers, being a moist warm environment can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The new Oasis steam showers sterilize themselves after each use so you are guaranteed to have a fresh shower every time you step in. Ozone sterilization works in a similar manner as hydrogen peroxide, creating O3. Normally oxygen is in the form of O2, the extra oxygen atom is unstable and clings to microbes and pathogens instantly killing them. The O3 sanitizing systems are often used in the medical field to sterilize equipment. The ozone gas is safe when it is not in concentration. Oasis steam showers are vented once the sterilization process has finished leaving it to dissipate in your bathroom. They do not recommend sitting in the shower while the sterilization process is running.

Oasis has also increase the color options for each of the new 2011 steam shower models. They now carry a wide range of colors for each model including white, black, gray and red. These have been increasingly popular among interior designers and architects. The wide range of colors makes it very easy to incorporate stylish bathroom vanities.

Overall the 2011 line of Oasis steam showers have raised the stakes in the modular steam shower industry. Their new multimedia enabled control panels and automatic sterilization process sets them apart from every other steam shower on the market. Their keen attention to detail and solid construction have helped to increase sales and overall market share throughout the United States and Canada.

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