Performance Auto Group Offers Drivers the Greenest Cars in the U.S.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy recently announced their list of the greenest cars in the U.S.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – Performance Auto Group is proud to offer Nebraska drivers seven of the greenest cars on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s greenest vehicles list.

With zero-emission plug-in vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt on the rise, many may think these vehicles would have topped the greenest vehicles list. However, it was Honda who took the number one spot on the list with the Honda Civic, GX, a fuel-efficient car expected to sell nation-wide by the end of 2012.

When choosing which vehicles belonged on the greenest vehicles list, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy looked at more than just tailpipe emissions. They also considered how the electricity powering all-electric cars is created and the materials used to create batteries in all the hybrid cars.

Four Performance Automotive brands took spots on the greenest cars list with seven different vehicles:

Honda Civic GX, starting at $25,490

This partial-zero emission vehicle, currently only available in certain parts of the United States, will be available in Nebraska by the end of 2012. Features include:

• 24 city/36 highway miles per gallon
• Fueled by compressed natural gas
• 113-horsepower
• 1.8-liter, 16 valve, 4-cylinder engine

Smart Fortwo, starting at $11,990

Focusing on using recyclable materials, the Smart Fortwo features:

• 33 city/41 highway miles per gallon
• Five-speed automated manual transmission
• Water soluble paints
• Fully-recyclable body panels

Toyota Prius, starting at $23,050

Known for its excellent hybrid capabilities, the Toyota Prius offers drivers:

• 51 city/48 highway miles per gallon
• Sealed nickel-metal hydride battery
• Performance-driven hybrid system

Honda Civic Hybrid, starting at $23,950

The performance-driven partial-zero-emission Honda Hybrid features:

• 40 city/43 highway miles per gallon
• Integrated motor assist system
• 1.3-liter, 8 valve, 4-cylinder gas engine and high-output electric motor

Honda Insight, starting at $18,200

Offering drivers reliable hybrid transportation, the Honda Insight offers:

• Combined 43 miles per gallon
• ECO Assist to monitor driving habits
• Green ECON button to regulate certain vehicle functions and maximize fuel economy
• 1.3-liter, 8-valve, 4-cylinder engine
• DC-brushless electric motor
• Continuously variable transmission

Ford Fiesta, starting at $15,120

Designed to give drivers a fun ride with excellent gas mileage, the Ford Fiesta features:

• 29 city/40 highway miles per gallon
• Aerodynamic body style to improve gas mileage
• 1.6-liter, 16-valve Duratec I4 engine
• Rapid-fire shifting

Toyota Yaris, starting at $12,995

Aimed at offering a greater number of people hybrid transportation, the Toyota Yaris offers:

• 29 city/36 highway miles per gallon
• 1.5-liter DOHC 16-valve variable valve timing with intelligence engine
• 106 horsepower

All of these vehicles offer drivers a performance-driven ride while helping reduce emissions and drivers’ impact on the environment.

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