Maths Games Revolutionize The Way Students Study For Their GCSE Exam

GCSE Past Papers is a unique site based in Birmingham, UK, that uses maths games to help students tackle the tough task of studying for their GCSE exams.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – GCSE Past Papers is a unique site based in Birmingham, UK, that uses maths games to help students tackle the tough task of studying for their GCSE exams. This however, is only a part of what the GCSE Past Papers offer the users. The company has created a complete, interactive study program with mathematics games to help students in an innovative manner. Unlike many conventional learning methods, this program engages the student in a way that makes the process of learning maths interesting. The student also develops a sense of responsibility towards his studies and associated improvement.

Understanding Students

The idea of using maths games and other novel media for teaching is the result of both research and extensive teaching experience. GCSE Past Papers is staffed by a team of dedicated personnel who were not only aware of the problems many students face with their GCSE exam; they were also keen on learning how to fix these problems. "We realized that the problem was multi-faceted," explained a company representative. "The GCSE maths exam is usually the toughest challenge for any student. Apart from the stress, a lot of students were just getting overwhelmed by the material they had to cover. We realized that a lot of students were doing poorly simply because they didn't know where to start."

The idea of using maths games is a good example of the many innovative features that the GCSE Past Papers offer students. For many people, using games for maths may appear tow mismatching words. But the company firmly believes that the two can be brought together to help in learning. "Kids today are naturally drawn to games," explained a company researcher. "They're interactive and fun and children tend to remember things far better when they're taught something in an interactive manner. The math games we offer are actually forms of rigorous maths revision. But offering them as games makes the learning process much easier."

Supplemental Tools

GCSE Past Papers explains that the maths games only form a part of the overall study program. The routine in itself consists of a number of different tools and aspects, all geared towards more effective studying. "Naturally the games for math are a lot of fun," said a company developer. "But there are other features for students as well. We offer a number of tips and tricks about exam preparation and organization. There are many resource articles available as along with a regularly updated blog. And we break the revision process into blocks, so the whole process is simpler to tackle. We also give students the ability to track their progress. We've found this to be a very important tool because in many ways, it encourages students to take a more active responsibility with their studying."

GCSE Past Papers has trained tutors and certified specialists on board to help students at every step. Their revision papers are created from real AQA, Edexcel, and iGCSE questions and if a student spots an error in any of their papers, they receive a full refund and lifetime membership. To learn more about the maths games that GCSE Past Papers offers, you can visit the site More information is available at their FAQ section and you can contact them via telephone at 0121 314 1120 or through email at
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