Leading U.S. Poly Tarp Supplier Loads Up For 2011 Weather Reports

The demand for poly tarps are always high but 2011 is shaping up to be a year of possible natural disasters which make tarps even higher in demand.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – The year 2010 had been a historic one. There have been numerable natural disasters all over the world, leaving many with ruined lives and destroyed homes. One product that has been in high demand because of these disasters is the poly tarp. In fact, they have been more popular in 2010 than in any other previous year, at times even being in a shortage because of the demand. Manufacturers recognized the need and did their part to meet it. Many have predicted that it is going to be much the same in 201, so everyone should stock up on poly tarps now while they can.

Now 2011 expects to be just as busy. The leading U.S. tarp supplier tarps Plus has expanded it's inventory by 20% due to the 2011 hurricane report. A representative of the tarp company stated, “The poly tarps were in record demands last year so we are expanding even more this year”.

In 2010, there was the great Haitian earthquake that stunned the world. Everyone watched sadly as thousands were left homeless and stranded in that earthquakes wake. Relief efforts did what they could, but it was soon realized that the number one need was shelter. The shelters that were there were overflowing, so what to do? They thought quickly and soon thousands of tents and tarps were shipped in from the United States and Great Britain.

Today, over a year later, these individuals are stilling struggling to get back on their feet. The construction is underway, but the going is slow. And many are still depending upon canvas and poly tarps as a haven in their broken world.

Nearly the same happened in Pakistan, only it was severe flooding, and not an earthquake this time. However, thousands once again utilized polyethylene tarps as a form of shelter from the torrential rains after their homes were under water. Those whose homes were damaged depended upon these to patch holes until the damage could be fixed.

In other parts of the world, people were affected by hurricanes in the later months of the year. While this year did not see the worst hurricanes, many still found their homes ripped apart or totally lost. Anyone who lives in a part of the world that frequently experienced these hurricanes knows that having a poly tarp as part of your emergency preparation is a must.

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