Sherwood Park FIAT Now Selling FIAT 500

Sherwood Park FIAT is excited and optimistic about distributing a great little car, the latest FIAT 500 models as it starts to sell it this February 2011.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – Sherwood Park FIAT is selling the latest FIAT 500 models in February 2011. Chosen as one of four Edmonton FIAT dealers to sell the Fiat 500, Sherwood Park FIAT is excited and optimistic about distributing this great little car.

FIAT 500 has been remodeled to become a comprehensively modern small car. Its premium engineering and retro-chic styling makes it both a hit and hip for the sophisticated but practical city driving dwellers. Since its re-introduction in July 2007, FIAT 500 has become a mini-car macro sales success story as sales near 600,000 units.

FIAT has come a long way to modernize, be more stable financially and become competitive in the auto industry market. It’s sure pride and honor for any FIAT dealer to have the latest FIAT 500 in its inventory.

Sergio Marchionne, who became CEO of FIAT Auto Group in 2004, is widely credited for FIAT’s dramatic revival. Firming up an alliance with Chrysler, FIAT is set to recapture its place in the auto industry.

Quoted almost over a year ago in Automotive News, Marchionne said, “I am convinced that the 500 with a full range [of body styles] will be a smash [in the U.S.] if we do it right.”

The manufacturing of the 1.4 liter 4 cylinder engine equipped with FIAT’s modern multi-air valve system for the upcoming FIAT 500 had commenced before 2010 ended, even as units roll out of its Mexico assembly plant.

FIAT boasts of its Multi-Air Valve System, an innovative way of increasing power and torque while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The FIAT 500 consumes a gallon per 52 miles of travel. FIAT projects to make between 100,000 and 130,000 vehicles a year for the North American, Mexico and South American markets.

Definitely, Fiat 500 models will be rumbling into showrooms of authorized Alberta FIAT dealers, like Sherwood Park FIAT, in February 2011. The starting price in Canada will be under $16,000, very reasonable price for a classy mini car.

Canada is eagerly anticipating the FIAT 500. Watch out for more FIAT 500 updates from your authorized Edmonton FIAT dealers. Check out the latest of FIAT 500 updates and excellent car dealership at Sherwood Park FIAT (