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IP-ADRESS.ORG is one of the powerful & best sites for locating IP and tracking Email etc. It provides you the most powerful tools for IP tracking, IP lookup, Email checking, Email finder and lot more without any cost. We help you to know about the various information of IP address owner. We also offer you the facility of email tracking. We facilitate you with most current and powerful IP locator tools.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – IP lookup website enables you to get free IP address tracking through-out the world. Using Check My IP tool, information about LAN IP address, WAN IP address or router IP address can be accessed along with the IP address of your own router. Additionally, accurate information about domain or IP address owner is available through tab WHOIS IP Lookup.

Using our IP locator tool it is very easy to get geographical information, longitude, latitude, zip, city, language, time zone, and other useful information of a user.

IP address is the unique address that is provide to every electronic item connected to the internet.The four number of IP address are called octet. Each has eight positions when viewed in binary form. These number sequences are used to create classes of IP address that can be assigned to a particular business, government or other entity based on the size and need.

IP address is similar to the home address of every computer, printer or electronic item that uses internet for communication. When a particular group uses IP address it is called IP address classes. There are two parts of IP address first one is Net and the other one is Host. Net contains the first octet and identify the network to which the computer belongs to. Host also referred as Node finds out the actual location of the computer on the network.

We also provide DNS (Domain name servers) details, telephone number, and registration
ownership information. Moreover the information about hosts and websites can be obtained using IP tracker tool,

In addition to reduce spam or to verify authenticity of the Email sender you can use any of our popular tools like Email checker, Email verifier or Email lookup. Tools like Email tracker find the original sender and location of an Email.

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