Protect Environment by Recycling Aluminum

By recycling aluminum, larger national savings like reduction of capital costs related to landfills etc. take place.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – February 21, 2011 Most metals retain their qualities even after being recycled a number of times. Aluminum is one such metal which retains its natural qualities even after being recycled many times. The process of recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the energy used to produce aluminum out of mined aluminum ore.

When new aluminum is used in any product, production costs as well as separation and recycling costs must be included. The recycling of aluminum leads to larger national savings and a reduction of capital costs related to landfill, mines and international shipping of raw materials. The benefit to the environment is that when aluminum is recycled there is only 5% of CO2 is produced. The open cut mining takes place during the time of mining aluminum. If more aluminum is recycled, the requirement for this destruction can reduce. Recycling one aluminum can generates enough electricity to power 3 TV sets.

Lucky Group is a company best known for scrap metal recycling and also as one of the largest secondary aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. Lucky Recycling is a flagship company of Lucky Group, which deals in recycling metal waste in Dubai, including aluminum scrap. Also Lucky Alloys, another company of Lucky Group, produces secondary aluminum and semi-primary alloys. The company is well-known for its efficiency, high quality production and customer-centric approach.

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