Releases Their Revolutionary Tattoo Removal Cream
02/21/2011 announces the release of their tattoo fading product for those who desire a less expensive tattoo removal solution.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – League City, Texas – February 15, 2011 – If one desires a solution for painless tattoo removal, then realize that is a common sentiment. Half of all the people who get tattoos consider removal at one point or another. The problem is that removal by laser, the most common method, is painful and expensive.

The cost of treatment can run into the thousands of dollars, and many people say that the removal process is more painful than getting the tattoo was in the first place. Now, there's a way to significantly pre-fade tattoos before laser treatments, which will lower the treatment cost and time by as much as 60%. In fact, complete tattoo removal is possible, right at home.

Nuviderm is a revolutionary product that will peel down to the second layer of skin – where the tattoo inks actually reside – and work to break them up and fade them. This liquid is a cosmetic acid that, when applied to the skin, sets up a controlled inflammation that, combined with the removal of the top layer of skin cells, will help to remove the image.

Tattoo removal lasers work the same way, with controlled inflammation; however, the laser penetrates the skin and heats the pigments, sometimes to a temperature of over 900 degrees Celsius. This causes the pigments to break down and migrate to the surface in the blister that forms when the water in the skin boils; effective, but painful. In addition, the laser works best on dark pigments; lighter pigments require more visits, and therefore more pain.

Using Nuviderm will decrease the amount of time spent under the laser, saving time, money, and discomfort. While the application of the Nuviderm might sting a bit, it can be relieved by simply blowing on the area. Try that with a laser!

With Nuviderm, found at one can finally be free of that tattoo for good.