– The Sydney Arts Community Starts Accepting Entries during 3 and 12 March 2011
02/21/2011 reveals that from March 3rd to March 12th, the Brain Art Exhibition and Unconference will take place. To prepare for the event, the producer of the event will display artwork, writing, and sculpture that are related to the brain.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – The artistic community of Sydney will be open to submissions from artists, filmmakers, designers, and writers. Submissions are to be submitted at the Global Gallery in Sydney.

This event will be incredibly important to Sydney’s artistic community, since winners will receive prizes. The first prizewinner will receive $2,500 and the winner of the teen category will win $1,500. In addition, winners will have their work displayed as one of the main attractions of the exhibition.

Hotels in Sydney will be prepared to take in artists who are entering their artwork as well as those who choose to stay for the Brain Art Exhibition that will follow. Submissions will be taken throughout the Brain Art Exhibition. Entrants should consider submitting their work as early as 7am each day.

Those who want to see their work being presented should consider staying for the entirety of the conference and exhibition. It will allow entrants to see how their artwork is used to educate attendees on the brain.

The open call for submissions is an ideal way for artists to submit their work and be part of a larger project. Sydney is a thriving artistic capital of the world, and those who participate in this event will be recognised for their talented efforts.


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