A New Day Is Offering Personalized Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

Many Drug Rehab Programs are conducted in crowded, clinically sterile, impersonal atmosphere of regular Addiction Treatment centers. A New Day presents a warm, personalized, comprehensive approach to Drug Rehab. At their Singer Island, South Florida location, A New Day offers clients the chance to relax, recover, and recoup their energy amid a picturesque ocean setting. The customized Addiction Treatment programs are aimed at curing addiction as well as possible co-occurring emotional issues, and inculcate life skills required for a drug or alcohol free life outside the facility.

Online PR News – 19-February-2011 – – A New Day uses an original approach to designing Drug Rehab Programs. At their facility based at the picturesque Singer Island in South Florida, A New Day’s staff offers a comprehensive rehabilitation experience in a smaller, intimate setting. Instead of duplicating the clinically sterile, impersonal atmosphere of larger, crowded rehab centers, A New Day, with its safe, secure, non-threatening environment, is attracting clients for alcohol addiction treatment from every part of the United States.

A New Day does not take in more than 25 clients at a time. Drug Rehab Programs offered through A New Day are conducted by experienced professional therapists. The scientifically designed programs deliver on many fronts. Clients are offered holistic rehab therapy, where not just the immediate problem of addiction, but also the long-term prospects of staying sober are dealt with. The Drug Rehab Programs typically deal with three aspects:

• Gender related issues
• Coping with negative emotions
• Preventing relapse

Addiction Treatment includes alternative as well as medical healing techniques such as meditation. To maintain general well being, participants attend gym with a personal trainer who customizes a fitness plan for each participant. They also get to participate in fun activities based on social interaction, to help them redevelop the social skills they might have lost. They are encouraged to spend some time alone each day, thinking over the day’s activities and working on writing assignments.

One of the challenges of Alcohol Addiction Treatment or any Addiction Treatment is the accompanying psychological issues. Many people who enter Drug Rehab suffer from co-morbid conditions such as anxiety and depression. A New Day assesses the psychological condition of each individual and draws up appropriate treatment plan.

A New Day takes into account the broader social ramifications of addiction. Addiction affects not just one person, but also their family. Sometimes, it impairs the relationships between the affected person and their peers and social groups. A New Days does not only look after their client, but also their immediate family, who are often coping with the stress, guilt, and anxiety brought about by the condition of their loved one.

Drug Rehab Programs with a holistic approach offered by A New Day. This Florida based alcohol addiction treatment center offers mind, body, spirit healing in a tranquil, ocean setting.

About A New Day

A New Day (www.anewdayrehab.com) seeks to provide personalized, inexpensive, and comprehensive drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment. The beautiful ocean setting and the quiet atmosphere, away from the stresses of daily life, offers clients just the right place to heal. A New Day’s Drug Rehab Programs are customized for each client. Typically, they last for one to three months, unlike ordinary Drug Rehab Programs where people are discharged after only a few days, leaving them in a vulnerable state and unable to cope with the stress of daily life. Treatment encompasses developing life skills and healing psychological distress in clients, as well as providing support to their immediate family.

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