Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit : Free Compensation Evaluation Service For Victims

Since the recent Depuy hip replacement recall, lot of victims are looking for information on what to do to get compensation for all the additional expenses caused by the negligence of Depuy.

Online PR News – 19-February-2011 – – Paying for a revision surgery because of a previous Depuy implant failure is costly. Patients thinking that it’s time to file a Depuy hip replacement lawsuit need to determine first if they are eligible for compensation or not. Eligibility factor put aside, there are also other things to worry about filing a lawsuit against corporate firms. The best option here is to have experts help to get value for their money and winning their case.

Engaging in any battle needs some kind of preparation in order to win and in this case, as Gerald Klingler, the creator of the Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit website ( says: “this site will provide the necessary information and help for those who want to win their Depuy hip replacement lawsuit and give them the advantage that every victim deserves”.

Upon registering and filling out the appropriate forms, legal experts will give them free compensation evaluation within 24 hours. As soon as they pass this step, if they qualify, additional information will be required from them by experienced lawyers in order to prepare their case.

Hip replacements like a Depuy hip replacement, is a procedure in which the hip joint is surgically replaced by a prosthetic one. A total hip arthroplasty consists of replacing both the acetabulum and the femoral head. Hemiarthroplasty on the other hand generally replaces only the femoral head.

On August 2010, Depuy issued a voluntary recall of ASR XL Acetabular Hip System and Depuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System. This was only after about more than a year of lawsuits filed against ASR products. This Depuy hip recall came after a recent study indicating that the five year failure rate of this product was approximately 1 in 8 patients. The defective and dangerous replacement hips have already been implanted in patients to start with.

The said recall means that patients who have already undergone surgical procedure to replace a hip need to undergo another one. A problem that can arise after revisions include: dangerous fragments left behind that might not be discovered long after the procedure has completed. Depuy identified the reasons for failure of the hip replacement system as: component loosening and/or misalignment, infection, dislocation, metal sensitivity and pain, not to mention increased metal ion levels in the blood, tissue damage and muscle damage.

Getting help in filing a Depuy hip replacement lawsuit will be an easy ordeal for victims with the free compensation evaluation that they’ll find on the Depuy hip replacement lawsuit website.