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The feeling of tandem skydiving can be best described as enigmatic and incredible.

Online PR News – 19-February-2011 – – The feeling of tandem skydiving can be best described as enigmatic and incredible. If you have the nerves to freefall from a height of 14000 ft. and want to thoroughly enjoy the sport on various Australian dropzones, then you should go for tandem jump Australia. We at, The Skydive shop present you the wonderful opportunity of skydiving Australia.

The Skydive Shop is a destination where you can indulge in skydiving Australia and you do not have to pay a fortune for it. Skydiving prices Australia are the most affordable at the Skydive Shop. Before, going further, allow us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. The Skydive Shop was founded by a small group of enthusiastic skydivers with the sole aim of offering the best skydives in Australia and New Zealand. We claim to do things differently because we are skydivers and thoroughly understand what the sport is all about. We offer you the best skydiving experience as compared to those offered by travel agents. Ever wondered why the travel agents offer you only one skydiving option? The answer is simple is that they offer you the skydiving club which pays them the maximum commission. Thus, they prevent you to experience skydiving Australia in its best form. Do you know that the clubs pay the booking agents a hefty commission that can go up to $ 90 booking? Our skydiving prices Australia are the lowest and we give you an experience of lifetime of tandem jump Australia. We offer you the best deal at the best price. Along with a reasonable price, you also have the opportunity of getting a lot of freebies which include T-shirt, skydiver magazine, skydiving DVD, stickers, fridge magnets and a tribal travel discount booklet.
You can give us a call at our call free number 1800 99 09 88 and you'll get to talk to our friendly staff. You can also send us an email us at . If you live in Byron Bay, then it would be convenient for you to meet us in personally at our office located at 87 Johnson St. Byron Bay.
We work with 13 different clubs and provide top of the line safety and service. We let you choose your preferred location. You can indulge in tandem jump Australia at various Skydiving Dropzone Australia such as Townsville, Magnetic Island, Cleaveland Bay on the far North Queensland beach. You can choose to skydive at Rainbow beach, the sunshine coast, Toogoolawah, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Coffs city and many more.
So, what are you waiting for? Jump the bandwagon of the 'January Madness' and enjoy the exhilarating experience of skydiving Australia. Moreover, if you book online , you will get $25 off. So book now, to do so, just log on to .