The Line is Dead for Nuisance Callers

Made famous by Bart Simpson legendary calls to Moe's Tavern and countless copycat kids all over the nation phoning Domino's Pizza and retelling Bart's jokes verbatim, nuisance calls have got a reputation as a bit of a joke. Everyone has experienced a nuisance call in their life. What classifies as a nuisance call is so diverse that you may have had one and you didn't even know it. Some can be brushed off as a childish prank, but research by British Telecom suggests nuisance calls have the potential to cause upset and paranoia:

Online PR News – 29-April-2009 – – “One in three victims of nuisance calls are still thinking about the call up to 2 weeks later” (BT 2006)

Surprisingly, nuisance calls are still not taken seriously by the phone companies and do-not-call lists fail to work effectively. Once again, however, entrepreneurship in innovation has filled the void left by the disinterested corporations. An advanced form of caller id, combined with a fully programmable call block machine lets you decide who can ring your phone and only lets them through when you want to talk.

Casey Stein of, “the site dedicated to selling 1 product…and 1 product only!”, has pioneered these computers and speaks with the gusto reserved for entrepreneurs: “Telephone providers have been dismissing genuine consumer concerns regarding nuisance calls. Call Block is a mini, stand alone call block computer for your phone and hits nuisance calls where the phone companies refuse to. One can use the Call Block ring controller with advanced called id to effectively block the caller, something that do-not-call lists simply does not do right. What's more, you can block junk faxes, there is no monthly contract, no batteries needed and the on-board microprocessor is fully programmable.”

As far as the big corporations are concerned, the demand for these type of services fall on deaf ears. Fortunately for those suffering from nuisance calls, the inspirational entrepreneur has taken the time to listen to the needs and feelings of the country.

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