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The-HDTV-Review.com, the premier online provider of review covering from Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, and flat panel monitors, has the latest information out on all you’ll ever want to know in making an informed decision whether to purchase one of Sharp’s latest line of LCD television sets, the Aquos.

Online PR News – 21-February-2011 – – In this latest review, HDTV Review top reviewer, Richie Vee, noted that the Sharp Aquos HDTVs in the market feature many well-known models and are a long trusted electronics brand. “The Aquos is undoubtedly Sharp’s top line of LCD televisions in the market today, and as a premium line, is compared to other lower end non-Aquos branded LCD TVs also from Sharp,” said Richie.

Richie said that overall, the Aquos line is known for its RYGB color space display or Quatron that adds a yellow component beyond the standard RGB color spaces used by most color televisions. “Furthermore, models like the BD-60U and BD-80U even have Blu-Ray Disc players built in,” he said.

You can read more about this latest Sharp Aquos HDTV at http://www.the-hdtv-review.com/sharp-aquos.html.

“So, if you are out looking for current HDTV and Plasma TV and LCD reviews and ratings, then you need not go anywhere else, because we have got the latest information for you,” said Richie, whose high quality reviews are dedicated to bringing the reader straight to the point with current product information.

According to Richie, he and his team of writers have kept the HDTV Reviews simple, minus the usual technical jargon you often come across on other reviewers’ sites. “We have made our review so simple, and presented in laymen's terms, that even your eight-year-old daughter or son could understand,” said Richie, who also loves to provide links to other top-rated review sites and forums… just in case reader wants to dig a little deeper into a product before making a commitment to purchase.

Richie’s expert reviews are written with the intention of leading the reader to audio visual supplies at the best stores for the lowest prices. “I've tried to cover everything, including Indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas, Plasma TV reviews, LED TVs, LCD TV ratings, and much, much more,” said Richie, who is an avid researcher, both through the net and frequent visits to his local electronic store.

As a very passionate guy, who is bitten by the movie bug, always insists on getting the best bang for his video buck, and he has taken this passion to create this site in the hope that readers would benefit from his experience. “My aim is to save you time, money and effort so you can enjoy your TV experience and purchase quality products. I love TV. I'm a video junkie and I'll make you one too,” noted Richie.
Another feature of the site is that it also provides a list of current deals, savings and recommended on line stores.

“Therefore whether you are interested in flat panel monitors, LCD TVs, Plasma TVs or LED TVs you should find something of interest on this HDTV Reviews site,” said Riche, whose sincere hope is that the reader use the resources to become informed video junkies like he is.

“Meaning, they’ll also save time by becoming an educated consumer and purchase a HDTV with the features they want. They will not be distracted by salesman inexperience and of course they will not be spending money for HDTV product features they do not need,” added Richie, who wants to make a difference due the proliferation and ever growing list of confusing HDTV products out there flooding the HDTV market.

Richie has been the editor of the HDTV Review for the past six years and has seen the HDTV explosion since its inception. “We have current reviews as well as reviews dating back to that time in case you need to research older models,” he said.

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