‘The Black Plight in America’ Celebrates Black History Month

What’s Up With the Brothers? Recount the State of Being Black Men/Boys with Joys

Online PR News – 18-February-2011 – – Chicago, IL – Ray Crockrel and Minister W D Patterson are creating quite a global buzz by addressing topics relative to presenting positive messages of African Americans to people to knock down stereotypes, misconceptions, and myths. As advocates for embracing Black culture from a positive vantage point, both men have partnered to celebrate Black History Month by co-hosting the radio show, ‘The Black Plight in America’, from February 11 through March 7, 2011.

The gentlemen recount the state of being boys with joys, pains, memories, trauma, and drama. The emphasis is on sharing information on outcomes to solutions in today's healing for effect. One-on-one relationships are matched through history to today's issues and concerns of, and in, the Black American culture. Using modern day scientific and evidence-based information and research studies to promote and encourage the upward mobility of Black American descendants of slavery, the special celebration focuses on the unification of earth by all of its inhabitants according to Minister Patterson's Inclusion Theory Model.

Expect great information, surprise guests, and highly engaging dialog. Contemplate, participate, educate, and celebrate.

Ray Crockrel is the author of ‘What’s Up With The Brothers?’ as well as the President and CEO of Brown Eyes Graphic Communications, LLC. Ray has traveled around the world, as he is a former military man. Ray found a large number of his encounters with people revealed unrealistic ideas of people of color. Ray became intrigued by the idea of bringing awareness to the truth, and he is doing just that through film, literature, and radio.

Minister Patterson is a Social Scientist whose intellectual passion lays both in the Architectural field, as well as, in the cultural identification of the Black plight in America, a task few Black scientists have ever undertaken. He also tutors and teaches, as he loves to witness the education growth in children.