How To Taste It At The End Of The Day

Celebrating and Living in the Beauty of Now

Online PR News – 18-February-2011 – – Richmond, VA – Inez Reilly has been battered in many senses of the word, experiencing child abuse in sexual, physical, and emotional ways, along with adult emotional and physical abuse. Through it all, she triumphed to a state where she is able to help people learn to remove pain from within, and live in the beauty of now.

Having worked with individuals and couples for the past two decades, helping them to learn how to live in the beauty of now, Inez has repeatedly demonstrated how to triumph through adversity, as well as attain a state of forgiveness and peace. She uses her books to communicate the same message; it’s okay to hurt, but remember to bathe in ‘now’, always working toward a positive state.

With Child Abuse Prevention Month only a few weeks away, Inez is planning a very special radio broadcast of Matters of the Soul, on April 5th and April 26, 2011, dedicated to bringing heightened awareness to tragedies placed upon some children. Knowing the life of an abused child puts Inez at a vantage point where she can talk to people from personal experience to establish the ‘you get me’ bond often needed to penetrate abused children.

Inez will share instances of her childhood, including abandonment by her biological family; beatings and rape by her foster family; and more memories that may create discomfort as you listen to her accounts. She will also reveal how she triumphed, offer ways for others to pick up on signs of child abuse, as well as suggest ways for people to avoid directing frustration toward their children.

Let’s eradicate every form of child abuse. If everyone does something small to help, a huge positive results.

Inez Reilly is the author of two spellbinding fiction novels, ‘Covenant’ and ‘How to Taste it at the End of the Day’, as well as a scripture-based guide, ‘All Other Ground’. In addition, she is the founder of IAMs Property as well as the host of the radio show, Matters of the Soul. On March 5th, from noon to 3 PM, she will be signing books in Arlington, VA at Harvest Christian Books and Music Store at Ballston Common Mall.