The Francisco Amare Group Cites the Start of the Baroque Pearl Period.

It might be the end of the classic, round and white pearl. Francisco Amare spokesperson Patricia Francisco tells us why.

Online PR News – 18-February-2011 – – Francisco sees the similarity between pearls and individuality- no two are ever the same. Each bump, irregularity, deformity or deviation from the spherical standard (the public's image of a pearl is classic, white and round) is what Francisco points out as the "essence of the ocean's tears". After all, "Human tears- she adds on, are never round. So why should a genuine pearl be?”

She points out,"Times are always changing. Standards are changing, even the nature of change is changing. In the Victorian era, women were expected to be more horizontally inclined. Centuries later, young girls starve themselves to fit into designer size 2 clothes."

While South Sea Jewellers charge hundreds of thousands for a small pair of silver studded earrings, Francisco Amare makes it easy for the Alpha female by designing huge, stunning and exquisite pearl- studded bangles suited for royalty- at less than a working girl's monthly paycheck.

"Every woman should have pearls," she says while toying with her "Pandora" (Francisco Amare's flagship Mindanao-harvested large baroques),"It's like the little black dress, black pumps and red. You can never, never go wrong."

And just like that, the rising enterpreneur is a little girl again.

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