Enerlites Introduces an Innovative Humidity Sensor Switch – DWHS

Enerlites expands its humidity sensor switch product line with an innovative standalone wall unit – DWHS.

Online PR News – 20-March-2018 – Irvine, CA – Continuing its recognition as a market leader in lighting control devices, Enerlites has introduced a new Humidity Wall Sensor Switch – DWHS. The switch features a robust humidity-sensing technology, which helps avoid the growth of mildew and mold in bathrooms, and comes as a stand-alone wall unit.

"Humidity control in a bathroom is an important thing from the perspective of investment, family health, and comfort," said Greg Reese, National Sales Manager, Enerlites. He adds, "We are happy to introduce this humidity control switch that helps customers maximize the value of their home investments by keeping their bathrooms dry following a relaxing shower or bath."

We are happy to introduce this humidity control switch that helps customers maximize the value of their home investments by keeping their bathrooms dry following a relaxing shower or bath.

Unlike other standard condensation control switches, the DWHS detects condensation in the room, and turns on the fan automatically. The fan is automatically turned off when the condensation is dry. This wall-unit switch is an easy replacement for any existing single pole fan switch. It can fit in any GFCI/decorator rocker single or multi-position wall plate.

Humidity levels can be adjusted as per a user's comfort. The switch enables variable sensitivity adjustment in high, medium, and low modes. This means sensitivity setting informs the device how much humidity change is required before the ventilation fan is activated. If a user feels that even a small increase in humidity is uncomfortable then the fan can be set to high setting. If the fan is set to lower mode, the device will only switch on the fan, when the humidity rises to a significant level. Thus, the fan is automatically turned ON/OFF based on preset humidity levels. The Humidity Wall Sensor Switch also enables manual ON/OFF control to meet immediate ventilation requirements. There is also a manual humidity override feature that helps avoid false triggering during the night. This wall control is equipped with an LED indicator, which informs that the humidity control is ON.

Additionally, the humidity sensor features a Periodic Ventilation Mode that enables users to program the fan for automatic ON each hour for preset minutes (e.g., 30 minutes ON/30 Minutes Off each hour, or 20 minutes ON/40 Minutes Off each hour). This feature makes this switch suitable for areas like home spas, basements, or laundry rooms. This mode enables users to meet ASHRAE 62. ventilation requirements, and isn’t based on humidity requirements. It only helps regularize air circulation and keep the room fresh from stale air. Homeowners or small business owners working in moisture-laden areas can utilize this feature to maintain quality air circulation in rooms. In this mode, a user can set the lowest fan time setting for 10 minutes, and the highest to be 30 minutes to avoid the possibility of an indefinite operation.

Whether in a manual, automatic or periodic ventilation mode, for best results, the switch must be used only when doors and windows are closed. The humidity sensor switch complies with California Title 24 requirements, is UL/CUL listed, and comes with a -year warranty. The humidity sensor switch is provided with interchangeable face covers – light almond and black colors, which makes it suitable for any home décor.

About Enerlites
Enerlites is a leading manufacturer and distributor of residential and commercial lighting control products and a wide range of technology-driven products in North America. The company provides a wide range of innovative and energy efficient humidity sensor switches, which meet California title 24 requirements, and comply with National Electric Codes. These switches pass all applicable UL/UCL requirements. For more information, visit www.enerlites.com , or call 877-372-6447 or 949-756-0536

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