Holdthatword.Com Allows Teachers to Setup Virtual Classroom

Holdthatword.com, a FREE educational website is an interactive method to teach students through different subjects with the help of flash cards. Teachers can also set up their virtual classrooms.

Online PR News – 18-February-2011 – – Holdthatword.com, a website that offers FREE online flashcard (http://www.holdthatword.com/tabs#tabs-flashcards), is an interactive way of teaching. Teachers can create reading flash cards and set up virtual classrooms and invite students to their classrooms. The class can be set up by any teacher, tutor or a class leader. This website makes teaching fun and engaging activity. At the same time, students can take advantage of home study through the virtual classroom. Reading flash cards will enable students to build their vocabularies and develop required reading skills.
Holdthatword.com allows you to invite your students to your respective classrooms. For this, the students need to register to the website. Then, you can either choose their user name or email address to add to your classrooms. Once the students have accepted your invitation, you are FREE to run your virtual classrooms. This creates an informal learning environment.
Teachers can assign different assignments and quiz tests to test the level of understanding of students. Also teachers can schedule the assignments multiple times so that students can revise their lessons and can retain the learning. Students can benefit from quizzes by getting instant feedback and knowing how much have they grasped the subject. This is the best way to home study.

The FREE online flashcard (http://www.holdthatword.com/tabs#tabs-flashcards) can help you to create as many flash cards as possible. Teachers can opt for public, private or premium classes as per their convenience. Holdthatword.com helps students to revise their lessons taught in the schools. There are many parents who complain that their children do not study after coming from school. This is the engaging way of reinforcing the lessons taught in their classrooms. This way, students save time for revision and they take the home study playfully, because the website is interactive.

About Online Flash Cards
Reading flash cards is a fun way and fascinate the students from all ages from preschool to college goers and provide opportunities for student directed learning. These are effective teaching tools that target not only simple subjects like language arts, but also different subjects, such as math, geography, history, medicine, science and algebra. With the help of FREE online flash card (http://www.holdthatword.com/tabs#tabs-flashcards), teachers can create customized flash cards and add the images and audio to enhance the learning experience in their virtual class rooms.

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